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Augmented Reality Innovators, 6 Companies To Look Out For

Tahsin Hyder |
February 13, 2014 | 11:54 a.m. PST

Executive Producer
(Courtesy Flickr Creative Commons)
(Courtesy Flickr Creative Commons)
Augmented reality apps are quickly changing the mobile landscape, while developers are finding new functions for this technology in 2014. 
Just a year ago, augmented reality consisted of apps that gave its users a cool trick to show their friends. These apps were very popular when used in combination with location services to escort someone down a street to a desired destination, or point them towards stores on a specific street. They also took over gaming making its users run, duck and scan for predators. 
But augmented reality today is doing even more. With the goal of teaching its users how to do something, augmented reality is now instructive and cool. Metaio, a company in Munich, is trying to show its users how to repair a stalled car. Using Google glass type technology, it shows which parts aren’t functioning properly. Then using the images the user shows the app, it virtually moves the those parts to show the user how to go about fixing it.
Cool? Here’s a list of five other augmented reality based apps looking to change 2014. 
1. Google’s & HarperCollins teamed up for a new augmented reality game centered around the End Game Trilogy. Ever wanted to be a part of a book? Well, now you can. 
2. Sayduck, a Finnish startup, allows users to redecorate their homes and try on clothes before buying them. All without moving a bit of furniture or going into a dressing room.
3. Intel is creating an augmented reality virtual pet that “may refuse your treat if they know there’s an all you can eat buffet around the corner.”
4. Innovega is about to sit on Google’s glasses. The company is planning to come out with a contact lens that gives you driving directions through the lens. Imagine never having to look down at your iPhone again. 
5. Blippar is making it much easier to interact with the products we buy. Augmented reality can turn a Coke can into a boom box instantly. 
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