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7 Valentine's Day Outfits For Single Women

Allison Selick |
February 1, 2014 | 3:56 p.m. PST

Style Editor

Valentine's Day is probably the world's worst holiday. If you are in a healthy relationship, you will go out to dinner…which is probably what you, being in your awesome relationship, do all of the time anyway. If you're in a bad relationship, you're hoping that maybe he will finally come through for you, at least for today (crystal ball prediction: he won't). And then there are the single people, who are expected to do, well, nothing.

So fight the man. Take a break from helping Becki decide whether to wear the little red dress or the skimpy pink dress, and read our suggestions of what to wear on Valentine's Day.

at least she got something out of it... (Polyvore @Allison61)
at least she got something out of it... (Polyvore @Allison61)


Ashes of an old flame

Have no shame, because ex boyfriends' clothes are the height of nap time attire. Take a note from Shontelle's book, and curl up in a ball in something Hanes. Our Style Editor happens to be wearing an ex's jacket right now (hi, Steven).

It doesn't have to mean you still love him. Come on, that oversized jacket contrasts with your bodycon dress perfectly, and this T-shirt leaves room for dessert. Free People has even made the style a $58 fashion statement in and of itself.

The classic way to wear an oversized denim jacket is with skin-tight black pants and an old tee. We've paired this look with gold Dr. Martens and a Bad Hair Day hat Because, let's be honest, you have bigger things to deal with than your 'do. 

sweatpants (Polyvore @Allison61)
sweatpants (Polyvore @Allison61)


It's ok to take a break 

No one is currently committed to you, but you are truly committed to your Netflix account.

This fashionable piece can be paired with suggestion #1, the ex boyfriend's shirt, for a truly immersive sad-girl-on-Valentine's-Day experience. Fashionistas at Paris Fashion Week paired sweatpants with fur coats, high heels, and even matching sweatshirts. Because when you are a professional movie-downloader, only a full-on sweatsuit will show you mean business. 

Jac Vanek sells a variety of hilarous sweatpants and sweatshirts. Each has a message written on the leg, such as "My Life is a Joke", "I'm Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry", and our personal favorite, "Slacker" . No shirt will be necessary. These pieces come in at about $54 each, but let's be honest, you weren't going to go out and spend that money elsewhere anyway.

dresses (Polyvore @Allison61)
dresses (Polyvore @Allison61)


Paint the town (and not with your tears)

You're single and sexy! No one is taking you out to make boring small talk about the color their mom is using to repaint the house.

Work what your mama (and spin class) gave you, and step out on the town in a hot dress. Our three picks (pictured at left) are this Herve Leger bandage dress, a leather-trimmed cobalt mini dress by Milly, and a Herve Leger lace dress, but wear anything that makes you feel like Angie at the Oscars. Don't forget your 5-inch nude heels to make your legs look sky-high (our pick is by Sergio Rossi). 

staying home can be sexy (Polyvore @Allison61)
staying home can be sexy (Polyvore @Allison61)


Sexy pajamas 

Just because you stayed home doesn't mean you have to be sad. Chill out with a cup of tea in this cute mug and think about how awesome your life is. Channel your inner Victoria's Secret model with this Elle Macpherson Intimates Medina lace-trimmed silk PJ set. If you are searching for a more budget-friendly option, try out this lace-trimmed cotton set from H&M. The always-quirky brand Wildfox made this sassy set for those who refuse to sleep until they are dead.    

Office wear (Polyvore @Allison61)
Office wear (Polyvore @Allison61)

"The Boss"

You could also try working late. A little bit of professionalism never killed anybody. Having work to focus on gives you something to think about, and gets you in good with your boss.

Work attire doesn't have to be depressing. This DKNY color block silk shirt adds interest to the simple Alberta Ferretti wool skirt. Jimmy Choo nude pumps pull the look together, as does a sleek updo (a la Kim Kardashian). 

Watch it as I run away (Polyvore @Allison61)
Watch it as I run away (Polyvore @Allison61)

Put it in work

Work out! Turn on some "Kanye's Workout Plan", turn up the treadmill, and get your fitness on. A jog or a yoga class can help you to beat the Valentine blues. To quote Elle Woods, "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands!" 

Look hot for that single cutie at the next treadmill in these pink Beyond Yoga capris. Keep your goals in mind when you look in the mirror with this Beast Mode sweatshirt. Pink Nike Flex Run sneakers bring the whole look together.   

Single people still breathing on 2/14 (Polyvore @Allison61)
Single people still breathing on 2/14 (Polyvore @Allison61)


It's really not that big of a deal

Wear whatever you would wear if it were February 13th or February 15th. Because you're a normal person. You probably have single friends that also aren't out on Valentine's Day. There is no reason that this should be different than any other Friday night of your life. Put on your jeans and a t-shirt (or whatever you like to wear), go to the movies, and be alive. 

(sweater by Jcrew, denim by River Island, sneakers by Converse)

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