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Who Should Harry Styles Date?

Zoë Willis |
January 24, 2014 | 9:58 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Chung and Styles (via Twitter/@GirlfriendMag)
Chung and Styles (via Twitter/@GirlfriendMag)

Harry Styles, the youngest member of One Direction, is famous for his very public romantic flings. Right now he is rumored to be with the newest Kardashian sensation, Kendall Jenner. We’ll see if that works out, but in the mean time here are our top 7 picks to be the future Mrs. Styles:

Alexa Chung

While Chung, UK T.V. personality & model, is casually 11 years older than Styles, they may just be the perfect fit. They are both known to be funny and the center of attention. Both clearly enjoy each others company; the duo was photographed poolside just a few days ago looking very cute!

Cara Delevingne 

Anyone who has a Tumblr or Instagram knows about UK supermodel Cara Delevigne. Perhaps it’s her quirky personality, or those bold eyebrows, but there’s just something about her that everyone can enjoy. Styles and Delevingne have been photographed together over the past few years, and while both have insanely busy jet-setting careers, they most certainly are compatible. Let’s just hope neither have been friend-zoned.

Blake Lively

Down-to-earth Lively may just be what Harry Styles needs. Lively is just enough out of the public eye that an actual relationship could take place without severe repercussions. Plus, she’s trendy and classic, just like Harry himself. Forget drama-prone Taylor Swift or Kendall Jenner and try something else Harry.

Stunning Belle (via Twitter/@CamillaBelleITV)
Stunning Belle (via Twitter/@CamillaBelleITV)
Camilla Belle 

Actress and model Camilla Belle seems to be right down Harry’s lane. She’s older, stylish and visibly mature. Belle is also into fashion and enjoys old music, just like Styles. Plus, she has experience dating boy band members (see: Joe Jonas).

 Selena Gomez

It's obvious that Gomez and Bieber didn't turn out so well. Perhaps Selena should try a classier route. They’re similar in age and are both in the music industry. Sure, she might be breaking "girl code" since her best friend Taylor Swift dated Styes last year, but hey, Swift will probably create a hit song from the experience. 

Dakota Fanning

19-year-old Dakota Fanning has been in everything from "Lilo and Stitch" to "I am Sam." That’s why she’s a good pick for Harry- she’s versatile and willing to try new things. Since Harry has been profiled as the "adventurous, spontaneous" member of One Direction, Dakota would be a great compliment to his personality.

Chloe Moretz

She may be a little young (17), but up-and-coming actress Chloe Moretz seems to be a great fit for Harry Styles. She’s not your typical Hollywood actress- she has an indie allure to her. Plus, she and Harry were both recently at Sundace Film Festival. Maybe next year they’ll be making the trip together.

Which celebrity (or perhaps non-celeb) do you think Harry should be with?

Only time and the tabloids will tell what he decides.

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