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Henry Waxman's Open Seat: Who Is In The Running?

Max Schwartz |
January 30, 2014 | 3:22 p.m. PST

Senior Reporter

State Sen. Ted Lieu and Gov. Jerry Brown in 2011. (Paresh Dave/Neon Tommy)
State Sen. Ted Lieu and Gov. Jerry Brown in 2011. (Paresh Dave/Neon Tommy)

Now that Henry Waxman is not running in 2014, there has not been a shortage of speculation about who will take his 33rd Congressional District seat.

State Sen. Ted Lieu of the 28th District posted on Facebook: "'[Friday] I will make a formal announcement regarding my intentions."'

In an email to Neon Tommy, Lieu's communications director, Ray Sotero, wrote, "Let me know if you want to talk to him tomorrow." Asked whether that is an indication Lieu will run, Sotero said Lieu would announce any future plans on Friday.

The Los Angeles Times also lists legislators Fran Pavley and Richard Bloom as possible candidates, along with former legislator and current candidate Betsy Butler and Secretary of State Debra Bowen.

Also listed are Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, Wendy Greuel and KCRW's Matt Miller.

The same organization quoted Shela Kuehl:

I have always preferred to be in a public service position where I could actually accomplish serious programmatic goals, and I think that at the moment, that is possible on the Board of Supervisors, not so possible in Congress.

The Times also quotes Yaroslavsky:

"My first reaction is to be a freshman at the age of 65 is not something I’ve longed to do all my life."

The paper also said Bobby Shriver's consultant said he would continue to run for supervisor.


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