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Obama Skims Through Health Care In Address

Eric Parra |
January 28, 2014 | 7:52 p.m. PST

Executive Producer

Obama did mention a lot of details, just not in detail (NBC/Neon Tommy)
Obama did mention a lot of details, just not in detail (NBC/Neon Tommy)
The State of the Union Address only comes once a year, and with President Barack Obama entering his final presidential stretch, he had plenty of topics to draw from for Tuesday night's State of the Union Address.

Of those topics, health care is not only a big issue that still needs resolving, but also one that Obama has made a touchstone of his presidency. When considering the fiasco that was the Affordable Care website launch, one would expect him to offer an explanation, list the successes or comment on some room for advancement dealing with the matter—or at the very least mention the Healthcare.gov debacle. 

But one would be wrong.

What the president did go over was a reiteration of facts that have already been discussed and explained over and over again—that no one can be dropped or denied for a preexisting coverage or for their gender (women to be specific) and that anyone under the age of 26 is still allowed on their parents coverage.

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As an anecdote, he focused on a single mom in the audience who had registered for insurance on January first, only to undergo surgery six days later.

“If misfortune strikes, you don’t have to lose anything,” said Obama to the cheering crowd. According to the president, if that woman “had not signed up on January 1st, she would have been bankrupt.”  

He also agreed that there are other possible ways for health care to benefit people; but these battles have been fought time and time again.

“If you have a plan then you pitch it to the people and you get the votes and you see if the numbers add up," said Obama. "What we can’t afford is to wait for votes to delay the problem.”

Before casually moving on to talk about gun reform, Obama issued a challenge for the American people: “For anyone that knows someone who isn’t covered to help them get health insurance by the 31st.”

Over 9 million people have already signed up for some sort of health coverage despite the initial problems with the healthcare website.


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