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M&M’s Go Mega For Chocoholics

Janelle Cabuco |
January 8, 2014 | 10:01 p.m. PST

Associate Food Editor

M&M's have been super-sized (Foodbeast).
M&M's have been super-sized (Foodbeast).
This May, Mars will be debuting their newest line of M&M’s, M&M’s Mega, at $1.49 for a small bag and $3.29 for a medium sized bag.  

Ever feel like M&M’s don’t have enough chocolate? Well, think no longer! The M&M’s Mega will have three times as much chocolate than normal M&M’s, and they will come in both original and peanut flavor, with the peanut supposedly being bigger. 

Though the recipe remains unchanged, the color scheme has changed to appeal to a more mature consumer. The candies will now feature maroon, gold, beige, and teal chocolates, which will replace the original red, green, yellow, and blue M&M’s shells.

Critics of M&M’s Mega say that the enlargement of regular sized M&M’s could lead to an increase in obesity, and some say that the $10 million used to finance this new line of M&M’s could have been used for better causes, such as promoting anti-obesity efforts. 

However, others say that it would be just as easy for a consumer to go out and buy more regular sized M&M’s if they wanted some.

M&M’s has already created M&M’s Minis and now they’ve created M&M’s Mega, so what should we expect next?

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