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Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan: Hollywood's New Power Duo

Alexandra Fong |
January 28, 2014 | 5:23 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

It’s been a wild and hectic past couple years for actors Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan, who both star in this year’s romantic comedy, ‘That Awkward Moment’, alongside Zac Efron. With back-to-back successful projects and noteworthy performances, Teller and Jordan have paved their way to success and recognition.

Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan at the NYC premier of 'That Awkward Moment' (Tumblr, Johnkrasinski)
Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan at the NYC premier of 'That Awkward Moment' (Tumblr, Johnkrasinski)

Having just come from the Sundance Festival, Teller and Jordan proved their acting chops and wowed audiences this year with their respective roles in ‘Whiplash’ and ‘Fruitvale Station’. But what made these two talented and critically acclaimed actors abandon their serious roles and instead star in a lighthearted romantic-comedy?

For Jordan, the decision wasn’t a hard one to make. In his interview with Variety magazine, he joked of being “tired of dying”, and described how ‘That Awkward Moment’ provided him with a perfect opportunity to “switch things up a little bit”. 

Teller also expressed his desire to take a break from doing the “darker stuff”. With his roles in ‘The Spectacular Now’, ‘Rabbit Hole’ and the highly anticipated ‘Divergent’, Teller grabbed the chance to do something out of his ordinary. “I just love both”, Teller stated. “If I do one thing too much I have to switch it up”. 

Teller will soon have two other comedies to add to his already impressive resume: ‘Get a Job’ and ‘Two Night Stand’, which will both be coming out later this year. 

Jordan and Teller are definitely two guys to keep an eye out for. They have taken Hollywood by storm and won our hearts. 

Make sure to catch ‘That Awkward Moment’ when it comes out Jan. 31.

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