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London Pops Collars

Rebecca Iloulian |
January 23, 2014 | 1:30 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

(Pinterest/Rebecca Iloulian)
(Pinterest/Rebecca Iloulian)
As a student amidst the first two weeks of a semester abroad in London, I can knowingly divulge that the biggest misconception about England vs. America is the level of cultural differences. 

While true that both countries speak English, this is only a small cultural similarity in the bigger scheme of daily lifestyles. For example, when recently attempting to shop for laundry detergent, there was utter confusion over the options: laundry conditioner, laundry gel or laundry powder. It took me at least a few awkward minutes to figure out which of these three options is meant solely for the old-fashion, cleaning my clothes routine (turns out if was the gel, in case you were wondering). 

Yet aside from the the laundry detergent dilemma, there is one vital aspect of London that has brought me little cultural shock, and that is London fashion.

Think immersing yourself in a world of Burberry and prep-school get-ups--the quintessential London style. I find myself mesmerized by the Alexa Chung and Kate Moss look-a-likes strutting up and down Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Circus, or more specifically in my Luxury Fashion Merchandising class. The Brits seem to understand how to put together timeless styles while still pushing the boundaries of fashion. A personal British favorite, and fashion's chokehold; collars.


My eyes are absolutely glued to the collars spotted everywhere in London, including on myself, and at this point I can only hope that I haven't exhausted the look within my first 15 days in the UK. The collar style is deceivingly versatile and a great way to class up any outfit you're putting together. Collars also provide a quick fix to sporting a new style to that same sweater you've undeniably worn more times that you'd like to admit (it's ok, we all have those pieces). The collared top works on its own, popping out beneath layers, or even in bejeweled form.

For a casual day-time collared look, layer the style over a crew neck sweater (cropped sweaters are always a great option). While nearly any bottom will pair well with this lady-like ensemble, you can count on a leather skirt or dark-wash skinny jeans to do the trick. A silk, shift t-shirt is also an adorable style, thrown over a circle skirt or tucked into tuxedo shorts. 

If you want to funk up the collared look or a night oriented style, a jeweled collar necklace is your new best friend. A statement collar will allow you to go jewelry-less and jazz up your neckline with its perfect amount of embellishment. It's an absolute must-do. 

Preppy as they may seem, collars can also work when going for more of an edge. For this look, try a rocker-inspired collar. Throw on a sleeveless top with a high-neck collar--lace or ruffle detailing would definitly be a bonus. Layer a black vest over and slip on heeled suede booties and you'll be screaming bombshell chic.

Whether in London or the states, get on the prowl for your perfect collared look. It's sure to turn up the volume on any outfit and give you an inherent sense of coolness, and will never fail to make you feel like you a true London fashionista yourself.

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