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L.A. Homicide Numbers Drop To Historic Levels

Will Federman |
January 13, 2014 | 2:15 p.m. PST

Tech Editor

Chief Beck is at the forefront of the LAPD's community outreach. (Creative Commons)
Chief Beck is at the forefront of the LAPD's community outreach. (Creative Commons)

Reaching levels not seen since 1966, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced today that the Los Angeles Police Department achieved historic lows for reported homicide cases in 2013 - down 16.1 percent from 2012.

The LAPD documented only 251 murders through 2013, down from 299 in 2012. The statistics continue more than a decade of declining violence for the City of Angels.

The report is also on the heels of the law enforcement agency recording several "murder-free" streaks throughout the 2013 calendar year.

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“I’m proud of these statistics, but it’s what’s behind the numbers that’s truly important – the streets that have been reclaimed, the parks that are once again open to our kids, the lives that have been saved,” Mayor Garcetti said.

The precipitous drop in murder was just one of the dramatic takeaways from numbers released by the LAPD today. Violent crime, property crime and shootings were all down citywide. Gang-related crime was down 17.6 percent from 2012. Total Part I crimes have dropped to figures not seen since 1956.

The mayor's office credits a rehabilitated police department for much of the turnaround. 

“Despite millions more people and a very changed world, it’s an incredible testament to the officers of the LAPD and the people of Los Angeles that crime is down to 1950s levels. It’s because of a commitment to fight gangs, smart and data-driven policing, intervention and prevention, and because LAPD now works with communities, not against them," Garcetti added.

The report marks the 11th straight year Los Angeles has recorded a drop in crime rates.

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