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LA Fashion Blogs' Trend Of The Week: The A-Line Skirt

Mona Khalifeh |
January 27, 2014 | 10:34 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Chriselle (The Chriselle Factor)
Chriselle (The Chriselle Factor)
The a-line skirt is a classic that has made appearances in every fashionista's closets at one point or another. This season, the shape is back in new, fun ways.

Los Angeles-based fashion blogger Chriselle Lim of "The Chriselle Factor" shows readers the many ways to remain on trend while rocking an a-line skirt.

One fun, flirty option is to pair the piece with a cropped tee or tank. You can pair a solid, cropped tank with a printed skirt, go for a color block look, or keep a busy print contained to your top, paired with a more subdued skirt.

In Chriselle's outfit (see right), a fitted, cropped top over an a-line skirt maintains the shape of the look without being overwhelming. Make sure to balance the skirt's volume!

A sweater is also a cute top to pair with an a-line skirt. Cozy knits can be tucked in for a more polished ensemble, or draped for a bohemian feel.

Accessories are truly up for grabs when with these a-line looks. 

Shea Marie (Peace Love Shea)
Shea Marie (Peace Love Shea)

When paired with anything from a floppy hat to a bright bag, the a-line skirt brings an elemet of versatility that allows you to play with your look.

This week, Los Angeles fashionista Shea Marie of "Peace Love Shea" wore an a-line skirted dress.

The dress features an a-line shape with pleats throughout that create a more full shape throughout the bottom half.

The dress is paired with silver galaxy-esque ankle boots. Both the dress as well as the accessories feature black detailing.

The look has a monochromatic feel that brings the attention to the dress's tulip skirt, making the accessories simply an added bonus.  


Metallic a-line (Late Afternoon)
Metallic a-line (Late Afternoon)

Liz Cherkasova of L.A. fashion blog "Late Afternoon" gives the a-line skirt a modern feel by pairing a metallic-sheened gold skirt with a white lace crop top.

The outfit is completed with the addition of a laced-embellished, black leather jacket and leopard-printed kitten heels.

Cherkasova's look combines each of the season's trends into a look that works, while somehow avoids being "too much".  

The a-line skirt comes in a many forms, whether it be short, long, high-low, or covered in print and shine. It is a fashion staple that may fade in and out, but one thing is for sure: it always comes back with a vengence. 

So bring out the a-line skirt that you have been hiding in your closet and spice up your look with these style inspirations.

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