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'Girls' Music Recap: Death, NBD

Cortney Riles |
January 28, 2014 | 10:59 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Caroline, Hannah and Laird have anything but a heart-to-heart in a nearby graveyard.
Caroline, Hannah and Laird have anything but a heart-to-heart in a nearby graveyard.

I hate Hannah. She’s actually the worst. OK, maybe not…hate is kind of a strong word. But right now, I’m really mad at her…like pissed. If you watched Sunday’s episode, and have somewhat of a heart, you probably are too. 

Let’s back track for a minute. On Season 3, Episode 4 "Deep Inside" we begin following a flustered, frantic and late (typical) Hannah to a meeting at Millstreet Press. She’s there to meet her editor David, but as it turns out David is a no show. He’s dead. Hannah is immediately stunned and reasonably freaked out as she shares the tragic event with Jessa who, true to form, thinks nothing of it. “It’s something that happens. It’s like jury duty or, you know, floods. They happen.” she says nonchalantly. Adam on the other hand — after a sarcastic and seemingly hateful exchange with Jessa — is deeply saddened by the news. He doesn’t understand, nor does he appreciate, how Hannah doesn’t seem to care. She’s solely concerned with what the next steps (if any) will be for her e-book. 

More than feeling bad for David, Adam is skeptical of how Hannah would react if it was him who died instead. “What if I died,” he asks? “I’d be extremely disoriented, very sad and yes, would wonder how I could make rent” Hannah responds. Adam, the soul-baring and compassionate boyfriend that he is, gives a response that every girl would want to hear [in perhaps the most uncomfortable conversation ever] when he says “If you died the world would blur. I wouldn’t know what that tree was,” he says. 

Adam’s honesty and frustration doesn’t stop there. When he sees that Hannah has hopped on Gawker for news coverage on David’s death he givers her an earful. “How would you feel if a bunch of creeps, celibate against their will, snakily reported on every f**king detail of your body decomposing?” he asks sternly. Hannah attempts to defend herself—the only amusing line we hear from her in this ep—“They report on media news, and I’m a media-ist…It’s  a web portal that celebrates the written word…and it’s sister site Jezebel is a place feminists can go to support one another, which we need in this modern world full of slut-shaming,” she explains. 

Meanwhile Marnie is pulling a Charlotte York—from "Sex and The City"—in the most annoying way possible. She’s working out intensely for hours on end (cue Bitter Rivals “Sleigh Bells”), making nauseating shakes and listening to self-help books. 

And while Jessa initially seemed to float on the "death doesn’t matter" boat with Hannah, her friend’s loss reminds her of her own. As Jessa opens up to Shoshanna about her friend Season who “chocked on her vomit or something” several years ago, Shosh encourages Jessa to contact her long lost friend’s family to find out where she’s buried. As it turns out, Season faked her own death—to get Jessa out of her life. Jessa is rudely awakened when she sees Season living in a beautiful brownstone and holding her young daughter. Apparently Jessa was enabling Season when she was trying to get clean. 

Don’t worry the crazy is just getting started. 

Caroline, Adam’s quirky sister is still around and becoming quite fond of Hannah. The two new friends venture off to a graveyard with Laird—who is all too familiar with death, most recently in regards to his turtle—to frolick around, since it’s not disrespectful or anything.

Cue Jake Bugg “That’s A Beast And We All Feed It” 

After a few cartwheels and summersaults the three buds take a seat and Hannah opens up about her concern that Adam thinks she’s a sociopath. Caroline proceeds to open up with a story from the sibling’s childhood, explaining Adam’s “abnormal” sensitivity with death. They had a cousin, Margaret who had terminal muscular dystrophy, and all she ever want was to go to a real school dance. So Adam, who was very close with the young cousin, visiting her every day, used up his savings from the supermarket, bought her a “tiny dress” and took her to the prom instead of his girlfriend at the time. She died a week later, clenching the corsage Adam bought her from her in one hand and his hand in the other. As Laird is whimpering in the corner, Hannah immediately questions the size of the dress. Caroline bursts out laughing and the proceeds to tell Hannah that she made the entire story up, although it proves that Hannah doesn’t have a sympathetic bone in her body. 

We’re not even at the bad part yet. 

After the graveyard hang, Hannah returns to the apartment and takes a seat next to Adam on their stoop. She dives into a seemingly heartfelt explanation of how and why it takes her a long time to process feelings. And then she drops the bomb. The same one carefully crafted by Caroline a mere 10 or 15 minutes before. That’s right. Hannah begins to whimper and tell Adam about her cousin Margaret who died from…yep… muscular dystrophy. 

Talk about a heartless, self-absorbed b*tch. 

Nancy Sinatra "Sugar Town" closes out the blood boiling episode. Check back next week for...only God knows what. 

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