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'Girls' Music Recap: Crammed And Covered Up

Cortney Riles |
January 20, 2014 | 2:57 p.m. PST

Executive Producer

Marnie rocked an uber bright floral dress at Hannah's birthday party, causing her to stand out, as usual. (HBO)
Marnie rocked an uber bright floral dress at Hannah's birthday party, causing her to stand out, as usual. (HBO)

In Sunday night's episode of "Girls," "She Said OK," Hannah seemed to be quite alright with...well everything that took place that night. I'm guessing because the music great and kept on coming. The episode begins with a topless Adam getting a haircut from his girlfriend. Then we quickly find out that Adam has a sister [Caroline]—who he can't stand—that's calling him [the same Adam she's nicknamed Abby] desparately for help as her boyfriend left her by the side of the road. While Hannah welcoms Caroline with open arms, Adam freaks, not wanting her to go anywhere but their apartment. His resentment seems to stem from the time Caroline tried to euthanize their grandma Helen. 

Cue "What I Am" by Edie Brickell & New Bohemians as we're caught in the middle of Marnie's secret and super creepy music video she shot with Charlie some time ago, a video that she's terribly embarrassed by (rightfully so) and trying to get the poor staffers of YouTube to remove. 

Meanwhile, Caroline mumbles on about some uncomfortable experiences with her ex-boyfriend, prolonging Hannah's sympathy long enough to land Caroline an invite to Hannah's birthday. The guest list also includes the usual Brooklyn suspects like Marnie, Shoshanna, Ray and even Hannah's parents—who are more ready to get down on the dance floor than the younger folks. Marnie (true to form) set the whole shindig up and after notifying the group of the bar password (banana) goes to talk with Shosh about her music video woes.

Cue The Epic Party Playlist: 

Someone Belongs Here (Emilyn Brodsky)

I’d Rather Dance With You (Kings of Convenience)

Age of Consent (New Order) 

Today (Smashing Pumpkins) 

Sexy And I Know It (LMFAO) 

Take Me or Leave Me (RENT)

It’s My Birthday remix (Zero DeZire) *end credits* 

Caroline is having a grand old time, even after biting Ray in attempt ot get him to dance with her. Following his attempt to explain that he's just gotten out of a relationship, he meets Shoshanna's date over a couple of Pinstripe beers. Ray then approaches Shoshanna and tries to play up what's happening in his life or rather, displays what it's like to be nervous with word vomit around the one you love. It only takes a few minutes, to realize that he can't be her friend...he's just not over and thus he tells her "Enjoy your evening, enjoy your life," and leaves aburbtly to go drown his sorrows in beer in the back of the party. 

As Hannah's parents boogie, Adam whines on about how much trouble Caroline is, only to quickly give in to his girlfriend—who has had horrible birthday luck in the past—and carries her adorably over to the dance floor. 

Everyone but Ray is happy and having a grand old time in Brooklyn, even Hannah who gets dragged up to the stage by Marnie to reflect, and perform a second rendition of "Take Me Or Leave Me" from the musical "Rent." Ray's sadness and anger—due to the DJ's abrupt change in music selections—lead him to messing with the wrong rowdy guy...also known as Hannah's editor who made a suprise appearance. 

After Ray's brawl with Hannah's editor, the couple heads home. Hannah's brithday sex is rudely interrupted, however, by a naked, bushy and crazy (as Adam warned) Caroline. There's no telling what Caroline will add to the gang, but I can only hope she doesn't go anywhere any time soon! The fact that Adam and Hannah cooled off and didn't get down and dirty last night is surprising, almost as surprising as Hannah keeping all of her clothes on. Perhaps, Caroline's nudity was enough. Maybe she'll take on the erratic and appauling behavior for sometime, considering it seems like we're seeing a totally different [mellow] Hannah this season. 

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