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400 Pythons Found In Santa Ana Home

Beatrice Verhoeven |
January 29, 2014 | 2:40 p.m. PST

Executive Producer

Pythons are constricting snakes. (Creative Commons/Flickr User wildxplorer)
Pythons are constricting snakes. (Creative Commons/Flickr User wildxplorer)
California police found 400 pythons in a Santa Ana home on Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times reported. At least 100 are dead.

Police were sent to search the home after numerous neighbors complained about a bad odor coming from next door. ABC News reported that police found living and dead snakes in plastic bags, piled up from floor to ceiling. ABC News later reported that more snakes were found in the homeowner's freezer. 

William Frederick Buchman, a California school teacher, has been arrested for possible animal cruelty charges. He is still in custody, and has not been charged or has made a court appearance as of yet.

Sondra Berg, supervisor for the Santa Ana Police Department's Animal Services Division told ABC that "four bedrooms were stacked from floor to ceiling and wall to wall with plastic bins on wooden and metal racks. The bins were packed so tightly that they didn't need a lid, because there was no room for the snakes to slither out."

Police also found that each snake was categorized by name and type, which has led authorities to believe that Buchman was involved in a snake-breeding enterprise. According to NBC Los Angeles, rats and mice were crawling around the infested home. 

The investigation allegedly began five months ago, when neighbors first started reporting nauseating smells. Many thought it was the smell of a dead body. When animal control tried to search the home after thinking it might be a dead animal, Buchman did not grant them entrance. A search warrant was then obtained. 

Although most of the snakes are dead, the living ones are now being transported to a veterinary hospital to be cared for, NBC reported.

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