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14 Artists To Watch In 2014

Alexandra Aftalion |
January 11, 2014 | 1:56 a.m. PST


It is insurmountable to keep up with all of the up-and-coming artists in today's music industry, so Neon Tommy has done it for you. Here's a list of 14 artists to keep on your radar in 2014. 

#1: Smallpools

Where they're from: Los Angeles

Why we love them: The quartet's fun-loving electronic indie pop/rock tunes ignite the urge to dance and just have a great time. Their first single, "Dreaming," climbed to number one on The Hype Machine.

#2: Angel Haze

Where she's from: New York

Why we love her: This slick rapper/poet's brash yet emotional lyrics attest to her ferocity and passion. 

#3: Little Green Cars

Where they're from: Ireland

Why we love them: The Dublin based five-piece exhibit their folk, rock, and Americana talent with beautiful harmonies mixed in. 

#4: The Mowgli's

Where they're from: Los Angeles

Why we love them: This LA-based musical collective is all about spreading the love. If you're not convinced, listen to their catchy, energetic tune "San Francisco."

#5: Robert DeLong

Where he's from: Los Angeles

Why we love him: This electronica genius even uses game controllers to create his music. His track "Global Concepts" will surprise you with its twists and turns. 


Where they're from: Sweden

Why we love them: Neon Tommy says yesyesyes to NONONO. This Swedish threesome's music makes you feel alive and makes your heart feel like it's pumping.

#7: ZZ Ward

Where she's from: Los Angeles

Why we love her: Songstress ZZ Ward has a soulful spirit and truly knows how to mix R&B, rock, and blues in her own style. 

#8: Danny Brown

Where he's from: Detroit

Why we love him: Danny Brown is the quintessence of a hipster rapper. He isn't new to the music industry, but his latest 2013-released album is more than notable. 

#9: Betty Who

Where she's from: Australia

Why we love her: This pop goddess’s 2013 debut EP "The Movement" makes waves with its melodious beats and lyrics. 

#10: Magic Man

Where they're from: Boston

Why we love them: Magic Man's debut EP "You Are Here" really is nothing but magic. It will have you singing along to tracks, including but not limited to "Paris" and "Texas," with their infectious choruses and melodies. 

#11: Basic Vacation

Where they're from: New York City

Why we love them: This group's optimistic chants in anthem-like track "I Believe" will have you hooked. 

#12: Broods

Where they're from: New Zealand

Why we love them: This duo's irresistibly smooth vocals and beats are mesmerizing. 

#13: Kodaline

Where they're from: Ireland

Why we love them: Irish rock quartet Kodaline has made it big in the UK, but the States haven't quite caught on yet. Listen to their single "Love Like This" or to any of the other beautiful tracks on their debut album "In A Perfect World" to get a feel for their charm. 

#14: Vance Joy

Where he's from: Australia

Why we love him: Vance Joy's modern folk/rock sound and velvety vocals will make you feel at home. 

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