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Six American Troops Killed In Afghanistan Helicopter Crash

Colin Hale |
December 17, 2013 | 10:43 a.m. PST

Executive Producer

Blackhawk helicopter in Afghanistan/via Flickr Creative Commons
Blackhawk helicopter in Afghanistan/via Flickr Creative Commons
Six U.S. troops were killed on Tuesday in a helicopter crash in southern Afghanistan, according to Department of Defense officials.

The Blackhawk helicopter was flying in the Shajau district in southern Zabul province when it suffered engine failure or another technical issue, according to defense officials.

There were no indications of militant activity in the area at the time of the crash, according to NATO, although NBC News is reporting that the U.S. troops came under heavy fire by enemy forces after the crash, described as a "hard landing."

CNN is reporting that there is one survivor.

NATO officials have not confirmed the nationality of those killed in the crash, although U.S. defense officials and media reports indicated that they were American.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the crash, although there is no evidence that the helicopter was shot down or interfered with. The Taliban often claims responsibility for accidents like this, according to the New York Times.

Read more about the helicopter crash in Afghanistan at CNN, BBC, the New York Times, and the Los Angeles Times.

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