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Fiery Train Wreck in North Dakota

Alex Gold |
December 30, 2013 | 1:57 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Courtesy of Tyler Spriggs (Twitter)
Courtesy of Tyler Spriggs (Twitter)

Casselton, ND - A train crashed and derailed just before 2:20 PM (MST) at 35th Street and 154th Avenue Southwest, said Sgt. Tara Morris of the Cass County Sheriff’s Office. A bulk oil car is on fire and releasing toxic, black smoke, Casselton Fire Department officials said.

Officials are urging community members living within a two-mile radius to stay indoors to avoid contact with the smoke.

Huge plumes of smoke and flames can be seen for miles all around.

A Burlington North Santa Fe train was involved in the crash.

This is the second train crash to occur in Casselton, ND, this week. Valley View News reported a car had been struck by a train on December 27, 2013, with the driver narrowly escaping his vehicle before the crash.

We have gathered several eyewitness Twitter reports and pictures below:

Stay tuned for more details.


Read local news forum, INForum for updates on the scene.


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