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Sarah Zahedi |
December 29, 2013 | 5:48 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Conway at the Fonda Theatre Nov. 12 (Sarah Zahedi)
Conway at the Fonda Theatre Nov. 12 (Sarah Zahedi)

Named one of CMJ 2013 Music Marathon’s top 10 discoveries by >Rolling Stone, Los Angeles-based artist Conway is continuing to work toward the release of her full-length album in early 2014.

After releasing her debut EP “Big Talk” this past fall, Conway has been playing shows in venues all over Los Angeles. Now, her single “Big Talk” has over 380,000 hits on Youtube. 

Conway said the freedom she feels in creating and playing her music motivated her early passion for music, which continues to drive her career.

“As a kid, I sang all the time and once I realized that singing and performing made me the happiest I could be, I knew I had no choice but to make music,” Conway said. “That’s what keeps me going.”

This past November, Conway finished touring the west coast with The Fratellis. Next year, she will join St. Lucia on their west coast tour dates. Conway said the exposure she has gotten and continues to get from performing as an opening band has been extremely rewarding. 

“As an opening act, you have to warm up the crowd and win them over, and hopefully not bum out the people who let you be on their tour,” she said. “So seeing people dancing and getting into the music is really gratifying and something I don’t necessarily expect.”

As Conway continues to record and perform her music, she said she hopes she can keep creating exciting and innovative songs for her listeners. 

“I have a goal to never do the same song twice,” she said. “My music hinges on what I’m experiencing, so I want to continue to say what’s on my mind with my music and take it to whatever level I can.”

Catch Conway playing at Los Angeles’ Natural History Museum for the venue’s “First Fridays” performance series on January 10 and get tickets for her west coast shows with St. Lucia here.

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