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Beyoncé At The Staples Center: Review

Gabi Duncan |
December 4, 2013 | 7:49 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Beyoncé onstage during the "Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" (Nick Farrell/Parwood Entertainment).
Beyoncé onstage during the "Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" (Nick Farrell/Parwood Entertainment).
Beyoncé returned to Los Angeles Tuesday night to give another mind-blowing performance at the Staples Center during her “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.” She commanded the stage with her amazing voice, sexy dance moves and beautiful costumes. The audience was completely captivated and under her spell for the two-hour set. 

You could taste the excitement before she even began singing, as she appeared in her signature stance, exuding so much confidence and attitude. Queen Bey opened the show with her hit, “Run The World (Girls)" from her most recent album “4” (2011). As anticipated, she raised the energy in the arena to the maximum level straight off the bat, strutting around in an intricate, exquisite white leotard. 

Her brilliant background singers, The Mamas, and talented backup dancers, mostly female except for the charming Les Twins duo, helped turn each song into an extravagant, memorable experience. Throughout the show, she included video montages between songs to express messages about her music. It was a unique element that enhanced the spectacular show even more. From the lights, videos and glittery, fitted outfits, Beyoncé did not pull any punches for her audience. 

When she sang fan favorite, “End Of Time," it was impossible not to be mesmerized. As the catchy song came to an end with gold sparkles raining down on the stage, everyone was dancing and clapping their hands to the beat. Then, she slowed it down with one of the triumphs from her album “I Am Sasha Fierce” (2008), “If I Were A Boy.”

Beyoncé thrives off of crowd participation, and she constantly urged the arena to sing her songs louder and louder. No one is allowed to rest when the Queen is performing. Between songs, she took a mini break to connect with the audience, trying to determine which side of the venue could yell, “Heyyy, Mrs. Carter” the loudest.

She definitely captured everyone’s attention when she performed “Baby Boy” from her debut solo album “Dangerously In Love” (2003). Accompanied by her dancers, she sensually winded and grinded to the rhythm of the popular song. She kept that momentum rolling, as she gave two more spicy performances of “Naughty Girl” and “Party” while fans waved their hands around in the air.

A quick clothing change and she was back rocking an iridescent, curve-hugging blue bodysuit for “1+1.” She crooned the love ballad as she lay and writhed on a black grand piano. Afterward, a harness carried her across the stadium to perform her hit song “Irreplaceable.” The audience motioned when Beyoncé sang her famous lyrics, “To the left, to the left.” She kept it interesting by turning the microphone on specific members of the audience, so they could sing too. Even comedian Kevin Hart got in on the action

Next, she sang “Love On Top,” which she declared always makes her feel good. Then, she took us down memory lane and back to her Destiny’s Child days when she sang “Survivor”, as everyone raised their fists to the sky.

Beyoncé gave her two most entertaining and awaited performances when she performed “Crazy In Love” and “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).” Appropriately, she used the same choreography from her music videos that we have all imitated and adored over the years, and it created such an enjoyable atmosphere.

To close out the show, she sang an emotional rendition of the timeless classic “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston, which she touchingly dedicated to late actor, Paul Walker. Then, she seamlessly transitioned into her smash hit, “Halo.” The entire stadium sang along while Beyoncé belted it out.

It would be shocking if everyone’s throats and feet weren’t sore from singing and dancing along with the music of this phenomenal diva. The only downside of the concert was that she didn't perform even more of her music, like "Dance For You" and "Sweet Dreams." It just ended way too soon.

Nonetheless, by the time the show was finished, she had taken the audience on an incredible, moving adventure that captured every single heart. Once again, the Queen solidified her place on the throne. 


1) Run The World (Girls)

2) End Of Time

3) If I Were A Boy

4) Get Me Bodied

5) Baby Boy

6) Diva

7) Naughty Girl

8) Party

9) Freakum Dress

10) Why Don’t You Love Me

11) 1+1

12) Irreplaceable

13) Love On Top

14) Survivor

15) Crazy In Love

16) Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

17) Grown Woman

18) I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston cover)

19) Halo

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