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Best Presents For Your Best Friend

Gigi Gastevich |
December 5, 2013 | 5:03 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Give your favorite girls a little something special. twitter.@thestibyshow.
Give your favorite girls a little something special. twitter.@thestibyshow.
Girls, no one deserves a great holiday gift as much as your best friend. She's your biggest cheerleader when times are good and your crying shoulder when they're bad. She puts up with your PMS-fueled rants, helps you interpret confusing texts (we've all sent her a screenshot of a "wtf" moment) and slams your ex-boyfriend on demand when he posts good-looking pictures on Facebook. Show her some appreciation with something indulgent--get her the girly, slightly ridiculous thing she secretly wants but wouldn't ask for. 

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Here are some of the best choices on the market this season:

Polyvore, @geegeegeee.
Polyvore, @geegeegeee.


1. PINK V-Neck Tee and Boyfriend Pant Gift Set, $36.

2. NYX 'The Heat Is On' set of 18 nail polishes, $20.

3. Urban Outfitters Heartbreaker sunglasses, $16

4. Marc Jacobs perfume rollerball gift set, $39

5. Gilligan and O'Malley Women's Cable Fur Boot, $12.

6. Too Faced Joy to the Girls makeup palette, $46.

7. The Selfie (photo-taker-clicker-thing that plugs into your smartphone. No more awkward arm reaches in selfie photos...can we just take a moment and revel in the fact that this exists?) $20.

8. Anthropologie Golden Monogram Mug, $10.  


The best thing about these gifts is that they're all perfect for a sleepover. They're a great excuse to invite your favorite girl over for a night of movies and junk food--because chill time with the bestie (or besties!) is the greatest gift of all. 

Gigi Gastevich is a staff reporter who really likes to shop online. Say hi to her here.



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