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Happy Birthday Amanda Seyfried!

Dale Chong |
December 3, 2013 | 10:59 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Amanda Seyfried at the 2013 Oscars (Twitpic)
Amanda Seyfried at the 2013 Oscars (Twitpic)
Happy birthday to Amanda Seyfried! In honor of the 28-year-old actress, here are our 5 favorite Amanda Seyfried movies:

Dear John

If it isn't the heartbreaking drama of falling in love with a soldier while he's home on leave that makes this one of our favorite Seyfried movies, it's the fact that she gets to fall in love with Channing Tatum. Channing Tatum has become a regular for dramatic on-screen romances, but "Dear John" was definitely one of Amanda Seyfried's major stepping stones in her acting career.

Letters to Juliet

There was a time when Ms. Seyfried starred mainly in lighthearted romantic chick flicks. "Letters to Juliet" was part of that time. Her role as a writer traipsing through Verona, Italy made every girl dream of the ideal of unexpectedly falling in love with a British hunk. Seyfried's character's rah-rah attitude towards finding one's soulmate simply keeps the movie going.


In this biographical drama, Seyfried takes on a role like none she's had before. Seyfried plays Linda Lovelace, an exploited porn star. "Lovelace" may not be the most popular of her movies, but it definitely shows that she can take on serious roles beyond major blockbusters.

Mean Girls

Let's face it: everyone knows and loves "Mean Girls." Amanda Seyfried has certainly come a long way since being the face of Karen Smith, the ditzy plastic who claimed to have a fifth sense in her boobs. However, "Mean Girls" served as her big break into the film industry. The actress has even said "Mean Girls" was her best work.

Les Misérables

We knew Amanda Seyfried carried some pipes when we first saw her in "Mamma Mia!" However, it wasn't until she played Cosette in "Les Misérables" where we truly saw her talents as a singer and an actress. Along with the star-studded cast, "Les Misérables" brought Seyfried to a much brighter spotlight, and people really began to see her as a serious actress. It also never hurt that she's grown up to be quite the glamorous and classy actress.

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