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The 10 Commandments of Style

Rebecca Iloulian |
December 5, 2013 | 5:16 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

I am a strong advocate of the notion that the world of fashion has no rules.

Fashion, and style, are an artistic representation of who we are, allowing us to creatively explore our ever evolving selves. Fashion guidelines, on the other hand, are a helpful way for every fashionista to develop her sense of style in confidence. A true fashion icon has mastered the basics of fashion, in doing so leaving room for her creative impulses to roam. Here are my ten fashion tenets: after you've grasped these, you're free to serve as your own fashion muse. 

(Pinterest/The Oxford Trunk)
(Pinterest/The Oxford Trunk)
10. Invest in the Basics

Every wardrobe requires a solid, supporting foundation. I'm talking the nuts and bolts, the nitty-gritties, that you simply cannot avoid. These key pieces will go with nearly any outfit, any season and will still be wearable five years from now. Think the perfect fitting blue jeans, a LBD, a butter-soft white tee, a black blazer--just to name a few. These neutral pieces will serve you incredibly well, until you literally can't wear them anymore because holes are starting to develop. They are the bones of your wardrobe, and the 10th style commandment. 

9. A Tailor is Your Best Friend 

We all have varying body shapes and sizes, and inevitably clothes fit differently on everyone. Three sizes--S, M, or L--does not make a perfect match for the millions of women in this world. Enter the tailer. A good tailer can make any piece look amazing on you, regardless of your body type. If you see a piece you absolutely adore on a mannequin, yet it doesn't look as glamorous once actually on, you simply call your tailer. A few snips and a few stitches and voila--the magic is done! For the amazing pieces you love, a great tailer job is most definitely worth the investment. 

8. Remember the Sales and Keep Them Holy

Okay, I admit it. I am an absolute sale junkie. There's an adrenaline rush of finding a great deal, a thrill like none else. I do not advocate paying full price on items (that let's face, you really don't need) when they will more than likely go on sale in a month. Department stores are key players in this commandment. Bloomingdales and Nordstroms have at least 2-3 major store-wide sales every year. Patience is a virtue, and in the end your sale savings will allow you to expand your wardrobe even further. Fashion is expensive, but style is not. It's not about the money you are paying for an item, so know when to splurge and know when to save. 

(Pinterest/Rebecca Iloulian)
(Pinterest/Rebecca Iloulian)

7. Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Shoes are the final touch to every outfit. They can transition any simple outfit into one to remember, or change an otherwise great outfit to one you wish you could forget. Just because your feet are way below eye level doesn't mean they go unnoticed. Having a classic shoe wardrobe is equally important to commandment 10, investing in the basics. And personally, I stand by that there's nothing like a subtle (or sky-high) pair of heels to make a gal feel great about an outfit. It's as simple as 2 inches. 


6. Shop in Your own Closet 

I can't count the amount of times I've dug through my own closet only to rediscover pieces I completely forgot I owned. There are always fresh ways to remix-n-match the pieces you already have, and there is no cost included! Just look at old standbys in new ways, and get creative with what's already there. You'll find there are certain pieces in your closet that are sure to last you a lifetime, and one day you just may find yourself passing them along to your own daughter. 

5. The Power of Accessories 

Oh, accessories--always tried and true. While jeans and skirts will betray you the second you gain or loose a few pounds, your accessories will always stand by you. Not to mention they can spice up any boring outfit in a heart-beat. Whether investing in a $200 purse or searching for the perfect $10 H&M necklace, accessories are an easy way to add thats sometimes needed extra umph. 

4. Never Give in to "Trends"

You shouldn't be buying pieces because they are trendy; you should be buying pieces because they make your feel beautiful, and more importantly, make you happy. Fashion is about expressing your individuality, so why conform when you have so much more to offer? Don't be a fashion victim, be a fashion innovator. 

3. Big, Bold and Beautiful 

Live for the drama in fashion, and buy the pieces that are absolutely fabulous. Be daring with your choices--you must be willing to take a step outside the box. My mother always told me to invest in "pieces". Those few pieces that you simply can't get enough of, that you fall in love with immediately, that are eye-turning and incredible. Every once in a while you have to let loose your inner show-stopper.

2. Live in Color

Don't be afraid of wearing color. Black is great, black is classic, but black is often boring. Utilize color therapy, bringing out the popping pinks and oranges, or the deep purples and blues in your wardrobe to create a whirlwind of energy and excitement in your style. You'll look happy, and you'll feel happy.

1. Follow Your Impulses  

At the end of the day, fashion is all about your own choices. Wear what you love and don't hold back because of others opinions. You must romance fashion and embrace your personal style. It's what makes you special, and that is absolutely priceless. 

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