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Miley Cyrus' Racy Image Is Controversial Among The Stars

Christianna Wiggins |
November 5, 2013 | 8:01 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Miley Cyrus (Twitter @MileyCyrus)
Miley Cyrus (Twitter @MileyCyrus)
With her newly sexualized image, Miley Cyrus has become no stranger to scandal. In the past year, Cyrus' bold outfit choices in both public appearances and music videos have been the subject of media criticism. 

Cyrus performed at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards in a teddy bear leotard, which she subsequently ripped off to display an even tinier outfit. The former Disney star also did a photo shoot in October 2013, in which she posed topless. Miley can be spotted wearing a similar look in her video for the single "Wrecking Ball"; the singer swings, practically naked, on top of a large ball-and-chain.

While many have expressed concern over Cyrus' new style, Twain is not convinced that Cyrus is doing anything wrong. Shania Twain, who is no stranger to showing a little skin in her videos, told ET Canada "I don't think [pop stars are] too sexy now. The boundaries are really up to the individual, and then it's up to the viewer whether they like it or not." 

Likewise, many celebrities are also saying the world ought to leave Cyrus alone. Here, we list other stars that have supported Miley. 

JT (Twitter @DreamFifteen)
JT (Twitter @DreamFifteen)
1. Justin Timberlake

Like Miley, Timberlake is a star who sang at the VMAs. After hearing negative criticism on Miley Cyrus' performance, Timberlake could not understand why people were so offended. "It's the VMAs. You know what I mean, like, it's not the Grammys. We're talking about Madonna in a wedding dress humping the stage, we're talking about Britney doing a striptease. The cycle is not uncommon", he said on New York City radio station Hot 97.  

2. Robin Thicke 

Cyrus' co-performer, Robin Thicke, commended the singer for doing a job well done. In a short tweet, Thicke wrote to Cyrus, "That was dope".

Taylor Swift (left) and Selena Gomez at the 2013 VMAs (Twitter @bunnyandbelle)
Taylor Swift (left) and Selena Gomez at the 2013 VMAs (Twitter @bunnyandbelle)

3. Selena Gomez

Fellow Disney actress Selena Gomez has always been respectful and supportive of Miley. During the VMAs, Gomez was one of the few people applauding Cyrus' performance. When Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus came out, Gomez danced and sang along with the onstage duo.

4. One half of One Direction 

Members of the British boy band were quick to defend Cyrus when speaking to Yahoo! backstage at the VMAs. Vocalist Liam Payne said "My thought was that it was very nice".  Band mate Niall Horan agreed. "I don't get why everyone is sulking about her," he said. In later months while on tour with the band, Horan did his best Cyrus impression by twerking and singing the hit "We Can't Stop".

While many support Miley Cyrus, there have been a few of celebrities who have openly shared their distaste for Cyrus' behavior. 

Courtney Love (Twitter @beachlondon)
Courtney Love (Twitter @beachlondon)
1. Courtney Love 

The rock singer, who once praised Cyrus for her "sexy hillbilly" image, is no longer a supporter. In a personal essay from Style.com/Print's spring issue, Love allegedly said "Miley Cyrus is not setting any trends. I wonder who decided to put her in white mesh and a pair of pasties and a faux fur (for September's iHeartRadio festival)? It was dumb and trashy-looking." Ouch!

One Direction (Twitter @zaincause)
One Direction (Twitter @zaincause)
2. The other half of One Direction

Niall Horan and Liam Payne might be on board with Cyrus, but band member Harry Styles is not convinced.

In the same Yahoo! interview in which Horan and Payne commended Miley Cyrus' VMA performance, Styles explained that he thought the routine was too vulgar. "[It was] family friendly. You could watch it with your kids and your grandma", Styles sarcastically said to Yahoo! 


3. Brooke Shields 

Brooke Shields (Twitter @natz_44)
Brooke Shields (Twitter @natz_44)

Shields, who played Cyrus' mom on the show "Hannah Montana", is not pleased with Cyrus' recent behavior. The "Blue Lagoon" star was blatant in her disapproval of Cyrus' VMA act when she appeared on the Today show in August. "I just want to know who's advising her and why it's necessary," Shields said. "[Our children] can't watch that," she continued, "I feel like it's a bit desperate." 





For you entertainment, here is Niall Horan twerking to Miley Cyrus and Destiny Child's "Bootylicious."

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