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Los Angeles Fashion Blogs' Accessory Trend Of The Week: Cropped Tops

Mona Khalifeh |
November 12, 2013 | 11:31 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Now, we know what you are thinking; cropped tops are not a new a trend.  You have probably been rocking them since last year, and wore them all throughout the summer. This week, however, Los Angeles fashion bloggers show that the approaching winter months do not mean that you have to pack away the cropped tops until spring.  

Bandeau (Peace Love Shea)
Bandeau (Peace Love Shea)
Shea Marie of Los Angeles-based style blog Peace Love Shea takes the cropped top to the next level, pairing a white bandeau top with high-waisted, powder blue trousers. The trousers are paired with a matching blazer and casual red sneakers. The casual feel of the sneakers and bandeau balance out the structure and seriousness of the pantsuit.

High-waisted pants keep the cropped, midriff-bearing look classy while retaining a sense of fun and youth. The white bandeau gives that peek-a-boo effect, with the blog showing the outfit both with the blazer and without, allowing you to show as much or as little skin as you want.

This week Karla's Closet blogger Karla Deras, also an L.A native, wore a cropped top in a more traditional way. The black cropped top featured on the blog has the structure of a "muscle-tee"; boxy in nature, with a high neckline and wide arm openings.  The absence of structure in the top allows it to be dressed up or down. Similar to the outfit features in "Peace Love Shea," Deras pairs her black cropped top with high-waisted black pants.  The cropped top is to high-waisted pants as peanut butter is to jelly; you can't really have one without the other!

Los Angeles-based retailer Brandy Melville, is famous for their cropped tops with catchy slogans and adroable designs.  The retailer, who has shops all over L.A., online, and most recently in Pacsun stores, carries more cropped tops and muscle-tees than they do regular t-shirts.  Melville pairs the trend with high-waisted pants, shorts, and free-flowing skirts.  

Fashiontoast, also based in Los Angeles, contains posts with multiple cropped tops, in both t-shirt and tank top form, paried with high-waisted skirts.  The look gives off a playful feel, but remains classy. The point of the cropped top is to show skin, but the trick is showing just enough. The fine line between a cropped top and a bra, can become easily identfiable when the amount of skin shown takes away from the intended look of this fun fashion trend.  

So, don't put away those cropped tops just yet! Check out how these L.A. fashion bloggers and Cosmo have been pairing crop tops in high-fashion looks to create a trend that is outlasting the seasons. 

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