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Justin Bieber Caught On Tape By Brazilian Bodybuilder

Dale Chong |
November 7, 2013 | 3:01 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Justin Bieber on Tour in Brazil (TwitPic)
Justin Bieber on Tour in Brazil (TwitPic)
Sweet dreams in South America? It looks like Justin Bieber has been caught on tape by a woman in Brazil. 

The grainy tape shows the 19-year-old "Recovery" singer wrapped in a blanket and sleeping on a bed. After showing the sleeping singer, the woman pans the camera to herself, blows a kiss to the audience, and another kiss to Bieber.

The video was uploaded on YouTube on Wednesday, Nov. 6 and within the next 12 hours generated more than 2.7 million views.

The girl was identified as Tati Neves, according to the Daily News. Unfortunately for Bieber, rumors about his intentions with Neves flew when people alleged him for prostitution. 

However, the woman has been confirmed that she is not a prostitute, according to TMZ. According to E! News, the woman is married and devastated by how she's been portrayed because she is, in fact, not an escort.

Bieber rented a home outside of Rio where he threw and after-party after his show and invited 50 people, Neves being one of them. 

The woman apparently filmed the pop star secretly after he fell asleep. Creepy, no? 

Ever since the young pop singer stepped foot in Brazil, he's been making headlines. On Nov. 1, Bieber was photographed sneaking out of a nightclub many presumed as a brothel, but sources told E! News it was a "gentleman's club." 

The next night, Bieber was hit with a water bottle during one of his concerts.

Over the time he's been in Brazil, Bieber's also been caught tagging the wall of a former hotel. Though Bieber's reps said he was given permission by city hall to put graffiti on a different wall, if it turns he didn't get permission, he could be charged with vandalism.

That's not the only wall the singer's been tagging, and he proves it by sharing the evidence on Instagram.

It sure looks like Bieber is tuning into his bad-boy rep while he's out of the country.

Watch the short footage of sleeping Bieber to see what we're talking about.

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