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'How I Met Your Mother' Recap: Mom and Dad

Gennyvera Pacheco |
November 18, 2013 | 11:09 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Barney's dream of bringing together his parents leads to extreme measures. (CBS)
Barney's dream of bringing together his parents leads to extreme measures. (CBS)
We're going to take a little trip down memory lane, back to a simpler time. The most recent season of "HIMYM" was a few episodes in, and Barney and Robin were looking for a minister to officiate their wedding. All was well until they killed the guy out of shock. Yes, it was the couple's scandalous adventures that ended the poor minister. 

Since then, the topic of finding a new person to fill the role has been disregarded, but with Barney's half-brother's father being a reverend, the problem is solved. At least until a new problem arises.

Barney's biological dad is at the wedding, and he's devised a plan to ensure his two parents will get together and make his family one unit again. However, James, Barney's half-brother, does not approve of this: he wants his own parents to become official. Thus begins the epic showdown between the two siblings, musical numbers and all. 

They both have their own ideal scenario for their mom and they conflict. Barney takes an even more drastic approach and traps his two biological parents in an elevator, providing them with romantic music (a soulful version of the classic tune, "Bang Bang Bangity Bang") and candles. He even enlists help from Ranjit, their helpful friend and frequent chauffeur. He drives far from the Inn with Barney's dad's current wife, telling her that it was all planned by her husband.

Looks like Barney really does want this perfect image of family, yet it shatters after catching James's dad and his mom kissing on the patio. Nonetheless, Barney comes to terms with the situation after Robin tells him that maybe James should have this moment of happiness. He's getting a divorce while Barney is marrying the love of his life. In a way, they both win.

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So much could change during a single car ride. In Daphne's case, riding in a car with Marshall made her catch the "(I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles" lovebug, and she can't help but bust a move every time she hears it. Unfortunately, after Marshall gets out to pump some gas, Daphne is back to the cranky woman we met when she first appeared.

It turns out her daughter is mad at her for not making it on time for her Model United Nations, and told her that she shouldn't even bother showing up. For that reason, Daphne asks Marshall to just drop her off at home and then go straight to the wedding. 

Ted takes the blame for Zabka, and a new friendship is formed. (CBS)
Ted takes the blame for Zabka, and a new friendship is formed. (CBS)
Being the nice guy he is, Marshall wakes a snoozing Daphne when they're parked outside of her daughter's school. They arrive just in time, with Daphne's daughter stepping behind the podium, and she looks through the audience.

When she sees her mom, a huge smile spreads upon her face, and she begins speaking. It all seems nice and diplomatic until her daughter starts yelling in support of oil companies. She clearly takes after her mother, and as terrified as Marshall is, he still manages to be content with what he did. He says farewell to his dear road trip companion. Whether or not that's forever or only for now is up in the air. Perhaps Daphne is more significant to this story than we think…

During the commotion, Barney quickly requested Ted to take care of an autographed picture of hockey extraordinaire, Wayne Gretzsky, in order to give to Robin later. Plot twist! While Ted takes a shower, his bottle of calligraphy ink spilled all over the headshot! Ted channels his inner Detective Mosby and narrows it to three suspects who may have done it, one of them being William Zabka, the evil guy from "The Karate Kid" films.

After eliminating the other two guys, it comes down to Zabka being the guilty one. He tries to lie his way out of it, but his plan to "Zabka-tage" Ted is foiled. Zabka explains the pain he felt from being stripped of his best man title by Barney, therefore taking away a single moment of victory. All his life, he's been associated with the bad guy the world sees in movies, but never separated from it to see the good guy beneath. Getting to be the best man at someone's wedding made him a good person to the rest of the world. 

Hearing this, Ted covers for him when Barney enters the room. He says that Zabka drove an hour to get a new autographed photo after Ted himself ruined the original. Both guys end on good terms. Let's hope it stays that way.

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