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'How I Met Your Mother Recap': The Lighthouse

Gennyvera Pacheco |
November 4, 2013 | 10:19 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

This week, we got to see the Mother again! (CBS)
This week, we got to see the Mother again! (CBS)
Don't get me wrong. I love the wacky antics "How I Met Your Mother" serves up every week as much as the next viewer. Nonetheless, I find myself occasionally yearning for the more emotional moments that the show also does an amazing job at. 

After episodes of punchline after joke after funny parallel, we have finally arrived at this week, with the latter half of the episode sprinkled with heartbreaking scenes and a certain moment that's worth jumping for joy over.

First order of business is the majority, the hilarity. "HIMYM" is, after all, a sitcom.

So Barney's mom, Loretta, and Robin have been at war since the epic poker game earlier this season that resulted in Robin keeping her favorite blouse. Although she is pretty upset over what happened, Loretta is willing to bury the hatchet and keep things civil between her and her future daughter-in-law. But Robin is one who is up for a fight, and shows up shortly after Loretta's remark, donning the shimmering black blouse that she is ever so fond of. The war continues.

Lily is still vastly upset about the news that Marshall took the judgeship after planning the move to Rome. Any mention of a word that reminds her of the incident makes her so angry, she breaks whatever glass she's holding. Marshall is also pretty bummed, especially while traveling with the one who ruined the marriage, Daphne. There's a huge storm, so they're forced to stay at Ted's mom's house. Clint, her new husband, is also there, guitar and peaceful vibes in tow. He wants to mediate so the issues between Daphne and Marshall will vanish, but after a few seconds of strumming his guitar, they both decide to leave the house and brace through the storm.

Back at the Farhampton Inn, Barney tells Robin that his mom is legitimately the queen of scrambled eggs. Her eggs are so marvelous that many a rock band of decades' past wrote songs about her and her culinary skills. Robin claims that her mother makes the best scrambled eggs, and from that comment we realize…how much do we even know about her mom? Through some flashbacks, we see she is afraid of flying and got stung by a jellyfish, but nothing more. In fact, Robin's mom is the only parent of the five main characters that we have yet to meet. Will this wedding be the time to accomplish it?

Daphne and Clint are definitely not kindred spirits. (CBS)
Daphne and Clint are definitely not kindred spirits. (CBS)
Earlier, the receptionist urged Ted not to go to the lighthouse alone, fearing that he would jump off and therefore would have to clean up the mess (what a nice guy). Ted complains to Lily and she's fed up with his insanely high expectations for women he dates. Lily asks him if he sort of likes Cassie, and he answers yes, so she says to just "end up with her already". She feels like it's time to end the long journey of finding "The One" and just settle. Ted chooses to do just that. Then, as if the universe has spoken, Cassie slips on a toy car while walking down the stairs. The dreaded excursion to the lighthouse has been made exponentially worse.

Loretta makes eggs for Barney, Lily, and Robin. The first two are in awe, marveling at how delicious they are. Robin refuses to believe how good they seem, so she bets she can make better eggs. The war has become a SCRAMBLE-OFF!

To Daphne and Marshall's dismay, Clint snuck into the car before they left Ohio. He advises them to do trust falls to resolve their problems, but obviously, they're in a car. Both of them call Clint a loser and for once, they're in harmony. Their mutual feelings towards Clint brings them together. Clint is enraged by how they treat him, and he loses his calm demeanor in exchange for a rant.

Ted finally makes it to the top of the lighthouse, all while carrying Cassie on his back. He pukes over the edge of the balcony out of exhaustion. Poor guy.

Scramble-off, begin! Robin opts for pre-scrambling the eggs while they are still intact, among other techniques. The truth is that she has no idea how to make eggs, and Loretta questions her ability to make breakfast later on for her grandchildren. It's in that instant that Robin tells her that she doesn't need to worry about that happening, for a few seasons back, it was revealed that Robin is unable to have kids.

Barney is caught between his fiancée and his mom yet again. (CBS)
Barney is caught between his fiancée and his mom yet again. (CBS)
Flash back to last fall, when Barney and Robin are exiting a secret underground club. Barney begs her to hire a babysitter and go out on the town with him when they have kids. Then she casually tells him she can't have kids. Barney doesn't say anything, and instead holds her and consoles her. He asks if it's weird to hug her, and she says no, but when it starts raining, they both get away from each other since it feels like a bit much.

Barney requests that his mom be nicer to Robin, that he likes kids but never wanted them. He loves Robin despite that; he loves her for who she is. 

After Clint's rant, he begs Marshall to pull over so he can meditate. Marshall does just that, and Daphne lets him know that if he continues this behavior, people will always push him around. Out of anger from this comment, Marshall drives away and leaves Clint. Daphne is in disbelief, and when she tries to

turn on her music, Marshall says no. It's his music now, and that means the classic Proclaimers tune, "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" on repeat, just like he and Ted would put on road trips.

Robin and Lily are sitting at the bar when Robin gets bad news: her mom isn't coming to the wedding since she is too scared to get on the plane. Loretta walks in, and Lily stops her since she thinks she's going to attack Robin. She tells her about Robin's mom, and Loretta looks at her before giving her a hug. She asks her to be referred to as "Mom" from now on. Robin is overwhelmed by this and tears up.

A little while later, Ted discusses his time with Cassie at the lighthouse and explains that he regrets all the places he went to with the wrong girls, that they were never memories made with the right girl. He wishes to redo his trip to the lighthouse with the one. Lily suggests that he should come back with Ms. Right. Ted wants "the person who hits the reset button in the world."

As dysfunctional as they may seem, Barney and Robin do make a great pair. (CBS)
As dysfunctional as they may seem, Barney and Robin do make a great pair. (CBS)
And now, we flash forward. The lighthouse stands in its same glory, with two people at the balcony. It's Ted and the Mother. She claims that standing there is like "traveling back in time." What's funny is that Ted said the exact same thing. The Mother doesn't think the view or the experience could get any better, and Ted expresses his hope to try. He gets down on one knee, takes out a box, and before he can even finish asking, the Mother says that yes, she'll marry him. The whole exchange leaves you filled with emotion and with an even stronger desire for those two to finally meet!

Next week, Bryan Cranston's character, Hammond Druthers, makes an appearance, and Barney accepts another challenge to try a new and crazy way to get a girl's number. Check out the preview below!

WATCH: Next week's episode, entitled "Platonish", airing at 8PM on CBS.

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