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Grunge Glamour

Rebecca Iloulian |
November 22, 2013 | 2:15 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Good Girl Gone Grunge (Pinterest/Abby)
Good Girl Gone Grunge (Pinterest/Abby)

We all have a part of ourselves that subconsciously desires a little danger, a bit of wild child rebellion and a touch of defiance--that side that begs to live life on the edge. While most of us don't often give into our more risqué side, there is a way we can partially succumb to this craving, and it can be done with two simple words: grunge glamour.

Any woman can find ease with a classic feminine look, but pulling off the good-girl-gone-grunge style is much bolder and offers an exciting twist to your daily fashion. We all deserve to let our inner bike-babes roam wild at least once in a while.

Capturing the urban grunge look is all about bringing edge into your every day wear. With a few key pieces you can easily transition into the classic '90s grunge look with a modern chic twist. A slip dress, plaid shirt, and endless leather are some of the staple elements to work a contemporary rendition of urban grunge glamour.

Bring out the rebel in you with a grown-up chic take on the style with outfits ideas likes a leather trimmed vest over a lace slip dress and lace up heels or combat boots. Another option is to mix a plaid print top with a muted floral skirt. Throw over a crocheted knit or loose, oversize sweater for an extra grunge-y flair. You could also an outfit styled with try cuffed boyfriend jeans complete with a loose-fitting, cotton v-neck tank, cropped leather jacked, and heeled buckle boots. To add a little modern polish to your look, pair it with bold sunglasses, a snakeskin or sequined bag, and gold, chunky jewelry. 

Key items such as ripped tights or jeans, an oversized jean jacket or plaid top, a beanie, and a leather coat are easy options to incorpoate into your outfit to bring to life a low-key grunge feel. The look is centered on mixing prints and styles, as well as pairing over-sized pieces with more fitted ones, in moderation of course.

If you're just looking to add just an extra bit of edge to your outfit without going full on urban-grunge-glamour, invest in leather leggings and animal print. Both these pieces are sure to transform any outfit, bringing the perfect amount of edge to your look when styled with more basic pieces. A cheetah-print beanie is a personal favorite of mine, offering any outfit a spicy zing, and I absolutely adore a leather legging/oversize sweater combo for any occasion. There's always a place for this item in every girl's wardrobe.

Once you've mastered the perfect outfit for your personal take on grunge glamour style, all your look needs left is a whole lot of sass and attitude.

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