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Went Greek At Go Greek Yogurt

Nika Shahery |
November 18, 2013 | 9:38 a.m. PST


Interior of the shop. (Nika Shahery/Neon Tommy)
Interior of the shop. (Nika Shahery/Neon Tommy)
First it was all about Froyo, now it's all about Greek. This newly hatched Beverly Hill's hub, Go Greek Yogurt, represents everything from the country loved for its white sand beaches, olive oil and more.

With over 14 Greek yogurt concoctions, as well as Greek frozen yogurt self-serve, authentic teas, coffees and farm fresh toppings with every bite, at Go Greek Yogurt you'll feel like you are on Mount Olympus.

The shop's decoration emulates the superior quality of the food the shop serves. The shop is easy to find as its wood coated facade stands out from the brick building it's nestled in. Upon entering the shop, one suddenly becomes engulfed in the sweet smells of fresh fruit and tart yogurt and the calming tones of the blues accentuated in every inch of the store's interior. The marble reflects Greek architecture, and the blown glass chandelier reflects the blue oceans native to the country.

Greek Yogurt

Beyond the alluring look of the shop, the fresh, imported from Greece, Greek yogurt is the true holy grail of the shop. Offering 10 percent, 2 percent or 0 percent fat content, this triple-strained yogurt satisfies the health conscious and promises a taste unlike anything in its field.

The Greek yogurt can be served with a wide variety of toppings including: fresh fruit, goji berries, shaved dark chocolate, flaxseed, hemp seed, toasted coconut, cacao nibs, carob chips and more.

The store offers several concoctions to choose from both based on health and taste. As the shop is dedicated to offering the freshest of ingredients, it lists the farms and producers it gets every ingredient from along with information outlining the quality of the farms.

Greek yogurt with carrot preserve. (Nika Shahery/Neon Tommy)
Greek yogurt with carrot preserve. (Nika Shahery/Neon Tommy)

Gourmet Greek Preserves

A true allure of the Go Greek shop, though, is the gourmet Greek preserves imported from Greece that tops the yogurt. Their offerings include: grape, quince, cherry, rose, carrot and strawberry, each promising a different yet scrumptious experience.

The freshness and the caliber of the ingredients are apparent; the black cherry, for example tastes naturally sour, and highlights the tartness of the yogurt.

The carrot preserve, though, really distinguishes the shop in its endeavor differentiate itself. It's highly uncommon to see a vegetable in a predominantly dessert shop, but the carrot certainly does not fail in regards to giving a punch of sweetness and a texture to the yogurt that enhances the flavor.

Ceramic Bowls

Another highlight of the shop is the ceramic bowls the yogurt is served in for just a dollar extra, in line with the shop’s efforts to use sustainable packaging. And best of all, if you bring back your ceramic bowl, which are all imported from Greece, you will receive a dollar off each of your next yogurt purchases.

Or you can do the Greek nice and simple with honey; the store offers three kinds of imported honey all with different intensities of sweetness based on the plants the bees ate that produced them.

Savory Greek yogurt concoction. (Nika Shahery/Neon Tommy)
Savory Greek yogurt concoction. (Nika Shahery/Neon Tommy)

Savory Yogurt 

Another addition to its yogurt family is its growing collection of savory yogurt recipes. Resembling a traditional Greek Salad, Go Greek uses this recipe to take a step beyond differentiation. While it may sound somewhat unappealing to some, for avid Greek yogurt, Greek Salad and olive oil fans, this will definitely become your new favorite snack: yogurt topped with cucumber, cherry tomatoes, black olives, olive oil, crushed black pepper, oregano, sea salt and toasted pita. There’s nothing else quite like it out there, so you are guaranteed an unmatched experience.

Soft Serve

Now, what is probably considered the best part of shop: it’s time to hit the soft serve. The store serves four different flavors: plain, honey, wild berry and chocolate. The honey is the best of the four as it truly is the perfect combination of sweet and tart, but a sweet-toothed chocolate lover can just as easily gravitate toward the chocolate.

The frozen Greek yogurt flavors are all made with 2 percent yogurt, while the chocolate is made with 10 percent.

The frozen Greek Yogurt as well as its toppings are self-serve and weighed at the time of purchase so you can really load up on all those recognizably fresh and health conscious toppings.

Stocked on the shelves in the back are the imported preserves, honeys and olive oil, all available for sale if you are compelled to bring Greek home.

Self-serve toppings. (Nika Shahery/Neon Tommy)
Self-serve toppings. (Nika Shahery/Neon Tommy)
The store also serves delicious and authentic teas and coffees from Greece to further the experience.


Best of all, Living Social is currently selling a 50 percent off deal: $10 will buy you $20 worth of food. The food offerings, the ambience, the décor, everything about the store truly reflects a yogurt experience unlike anything else.

Once you Go Greek, you'll doubtfully be able to turn back.

Go Greek can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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