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Bryn Mawr Film Institute Holds Silver Screen Inspirational Short Film Contest

Leslie Lee |
November 22, 2013 | 11:35 a.m. PST

Executive Producer

BMFI Silver Screen Inspirational Film Contest (Photo Courtesy to Bryn Mawr Film Institute)
BMFI Silver Screen Inspirational Film Contest (Photo Courtesy to Bryn Mawr Film Institute)
For those who have always felt a calling for film, perhaps now is the time to channel your inner Spielberg.

The Bryn Mawr Film Institute
(BMFI), a non-profit movie theater and film education center located in Philadelphia, will debut its first Silver Screen Inspirational  Film Contest. This international competition will showcase the work of budding directors and producers across the nation in an effort to support them in their artistic endeavors. 

The contest celebrates the art of filmmaking and commemorates cinema’s extensive history. Out of 25 classic films of cinematic merit on BMI’s list, contestants will choose one film as inspiration for their own original short film. Their options span from "All About Eve" to "Spirited Away", which will serve as an inspirational springboard for these projects.

The competition offers filmmakers from all over the country a chance to gain recognition and showcase their talents on a national scale. 

“We are thrilled to debut this competition as we prepare for Bryn Mawr Film Institute’s grand reopening,” said Juliet Goodfriend, BMFI’s President. “This film contest demonstrates our dual commitment to supporting the work of new filmmakers as well as exhibiting that of the masters.”

Filmmakers from age 18 and up are allowed to partake in the competition and there is no required fee.

Film submissions cannot exceed 15 minutes and will be judged based on a variety of criteria, including creativity, emotional and intellectual impact, technical skill, and interpretation of the chosen film.

Four finalists will be awarded cash prizes and have public screenings of their films. First place wins$2500, second place is $1250, third place is $750, and fourth place is $500. The production team of the films will also be given a $500 stipend in order to fly in to Philadelphia and provide support for each finalist.

The winners will be announced and given their awards on April 27, 2014 at an ACTION! Dedication Ceremony. After the award ceremony, the finalists will then proudly see their work projected on BMFI’s big screen.The Institute will also be showing the short films paired with the features that inspired them on select dates throughout the month of April.

Submissions for the contest are being taken online at Withoutbox.com. The winners will be notified on January 31, 2014.

Further information is available at BrynMawrFilm.org.

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