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10 TV Moments To Give Thanks For This Year

Chelsea Hernandez |
November 30, 2013 | 11:33 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Jaime and Brienne via Creative Commons
Jaime and Brienne via Creative Commons
As we take part in this wonderful holiday season, and we learn to give thanks for all that we appreciate in our lives, it only seems appropriate that we should give thanks to the momentous events in this year’s television series that we have been amazing. Here are just ten of the best ‘thank goodness that happened’ moments in television this year:

1) Daryl Dixon from “The Walking Dead.” That’s all I’ve got to say.

2) The way that Jax from “Sons of Anarchy” says ‘darling.’ There’s nothing cuter or sexier than that in any TV show.

3) When Fitz in “Scandal” presents the house he had secretly built for his and Olivia’s future together to Olivia saying, “We were going to grow old together here.” The best part of the episode? When she ran into his arms and some pretty steamy making up ensued, and she ended with, “Don’t sell the house yet.” Does this mean there is definitely hope for Fitz-Pope? We can’t wait to find out, and we are thankful for this little ray of sunshine in the intense turn this show has taken this season between the secrets about Olivia’s parents spilling out, Quinn’s mishaps with B613, and Huck’s mental instability. 

4) Amber Riley from “Glee” winning this season of “Dancing with the Stars.” We were all rooting for her when she did her amazing rendition of the Charleston. Then, when she won saying, “Women of all sizes can do whatever they put their minds to!” she was a source of inspiration for all women seeing her so excited about her win while tightly clutching her trophy in victory.

5) When Kyle takes out his uber-creepy mom in “American Horror Story” after she was a little too friendly with him. We were so horrified when we discovered their relationship- we were all quite relieved when he permanently removed her from the show himself. 

6) After Narcisse beats Daughter to a pulp in “Boardwalk Empire,” there is a huge confrontation between Chalky White and Narcisse on the main floor of the Onyx, where Chalky basically questions Narcisse’s worth as a man because he beat a woman. Considering how hard of a personality Chalky White has had in the show, seeing his soft side for a woman was definitely a side of his character that was very nice for us to see. 

7) Walter’s death in the season finale of “Breaking Bad” was a much-needed event in the series. He had been getting away with murder for money for far too long, and when he finally acknowledged he had been wrong, and took a bullet for Jessie, he finally made up for it all. His sacrifice showed that he finally realized he had made mistakes and had gone unpunished, which gave him the understanding that it was time to die for the greater good. 

8) In this third season of “Game of Thrones,” everyone was ecstatic when Jaime Lannister jumped into the pit to save Brienne of Tarth after she was thrown in with a bear as amusement. After having too many instances of being a horrible human being, taking part in attempted child murder to hide the knowledge of incest with his sister, his decision to think about someone other than himself was a tremendous and positive character arc on his part. He made us all have hope for his character; maybe, if we get lucky, he will even ditch Cersei and date someone not related to him. 

9) After the horrible hurricane in Miami in the season finale of “Dexter,” we were all devastated when it seemed that Dexter was actually dead. We had grown to love his character, understand why he did what he did, and, dare I say… begin to accept him? However, after too many heart pounding seconds believing our favorite serial killer was dead when we saw his obituary in the newspaper Hannah was reading in Argentina, we find out he is actually alive and well, working in a lumber yard. Pathetic ending for the best hero/villain ever? Definitely, yes. However, we can all be thankful that he was still alive. 

10) In the successful show premiere of “Bates Motel” this year, which details the childhood of Norman Bates from Hitchcock's original "Psycho," Norman and Bradley’s relationship had everyone holding their breaths. We all know how Norman deals with the blonde women in his life after having all “Psycho,” and the question of whether or not Bradley was supposed to be Norman’s first kill was sitting in the back of all of our minds when they had their huge argument about their relationship in the woods. Fortunately, however, each walked away from the incident unscathed. Although, I think it was one of the first incidents that instigated Norman’s hatred for women that would later play out in his life seen in the infamous “Psycho” shower scene. 

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