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Will Ferrell Has A Fresh New Show That's Spoiling Babylon

Christianna Wiggins |
October 15, 2013 | 6:00 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter


The cast of "The Spoils of Babylon" (@tai_kagagi)
The cast of "The Spoils of Babylon" (@tai_kagagi)
Bonafide comedian Will Ferrell is teaming up with Emmy-award-winning writers Matt Piedmont and Andrew Steele on a new miniseries that is so overly dramatic, it's humorous.

Based on the trailer, the new show, titled "The Spoils of Babylon", has a sense of over-exaggeration that mirrors that of the sensational SNL sketch, "The Californian's", while having the serious tone of an AMC drama. A mix such as this is sure to be comedic gold. 

"The Spoils of Babylon" follows a Texas family whose oil profits enable them to build an empire. As time elapses, the head of the family, played by Tim Robbins, tries to pass on the business to his children, but they are confronted with any and every obstacle a high-profile family can face. They deal with everything from government sanctions to drug abuse, as one can see in the trailer. 

Robbins' heirs are played by "Saturday Night Live" veteran, Kristin Wiig, and "The Great Gatsby" star, Tobey Maguire. To make things even more interesting, in addition to battling over the family empire, Wiig and Maguire are involved in a tumultuous love affair. 

Ferrell debuts in the show at the beginning and end of each episode as the fictional author Eric Jonrosh, who has written the book that "The Spoils of Babylon" in based upon. 

Alongside the already amazing central cast, the miniseries will star actors Michael Sheen, Jessica Alba, Val Kilmer, Haley Joel Osment, and Ethan Flower. 

The series is airing on Thursday, Jan. 9 on the Independent Film Channel (IFC), which seems to be the perfect fit for the eccentric show. IFCs comedy ventures include "Comedy Bang! Bang!", "The Birthday Boys"  and "Portlandia." All popular shows challenge the average television sitcom, and it as though "The Spoils of Babylon" will be no different. 

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Check out the trailer below: 

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