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Tyler, The Creator Show Turns Into Riot

Faith Jessie |
October 11, 2013 | 4:23 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Tyler, the Creator only came onto the scene after LAPD had shut down the show. (Photo by Faith Jessie)
Tyler, the Creator only came onto the scene after LAPD had shut down the show. (Photo by Faith Jessie)
A massive crowd filled with hundreds of anxious 20 somethings waited in a line Wednesday night that went down the block, around the corner, around another corner and extended deep into an alley way near the back door of a popular Los Angeles club.

Low End Theory was hosting Odd Future co–founder (Frank Ocean is another member of the musical troupe) Tyler, the Creator to play at the weekly underground hip-hop show.

The music event, hosted at the Airliner in Los Angeles, attracted hundreds of people from the all over the Southern California area, some driving 3 or more hours to watch the show.

Doors opened at 9:00 pm. 

The line moved little by little for about 45 minutes and then the doors closed.  The security guard at the front shouted out that the event was at capacity, nobody else was getting in, and to go home. 

Some people had waited in line since 4 pm that day to get into the show. 

Nobody left. Instead the crowd responded in rebellion. Frustrated people started pushing forward. The back of the line started to curve to the front of the line, moving off of the side walk and filling North Broadway with anxious Odd Future fans wanting to get into the show. 

The crowd pushed forward, knocking down the red ropes separating them from the bouncers. Two boys climbed up the gate near the entrance searching for another way in, while others climbed on top of cars parked on the street for a better view of the chaos. Hundreds of cell phones flashed capturing the crowd chanting for Tyler to come outside. 

Not long after the LAPD was notified and red and blue lights began to show up. Bouncers frantically urged people to get back on the sidewalks in fear of the LAPD shutting the show down, but the fans did not cooperate. Police began to show up in riot gear and a large helicopter spotlight luminated the energetic crowd.  

Tyler came outside to witness the scene his event created after the LAPD shut the event down. Fans went crazy as Tyler stood on top of a car to greet his musical followers. 

Maybe Low End Theory will consider having the event at a larger venue in the future. 

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