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'Scandal' Recap: Friends, Foes And Fornication

Kate Guarino |
October 25, 2013 | 4:00 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Olivia Pope and Associates works to manage the exploits of a sexting senator. (ABC)
Olivia Pope and Associates works to manage the exploits of a sexting senator. (ABC)
The award for best—and longest—one-liner goes to Jake Ballard, who perfectly summed up the life of Olivia Pope in tonight’s episode of “Scandal.”

“You’re the daughter of the man that runs the top secret organization that made your friend kill a man for some reason having to do with your ex-boyfriend the president.”

Now that we got that straightened out, lets break down the events of tonight’s episode. 

The Good Wife…Or Not 

This week "Scandal" was back to its case of the week format mostly because Olivia Pope and Associates needed the money. The firm takes on the job of improving the public image of a sexting senator who was accused of murdering a woman with whom he was sexting. As it turns out, the senator had multiple sexting partners and though his wife loathes him, she does not believe he is guilty of murder and testifies, as is alibi. The jury finds the senator not guilty but by episode’s end, Olivia finds out that the man and wife were not actually together on the night in question. The senator is not guilty of murder…but his wife is, and she just walked away scott-free.  

Also worth mentioning, David Rosen was the prosecuting attorney and lost. Poor David can’t catch a break when it comes to OPA but it seems he and Abby have re-ignited their relationship, so maybe there’s hope for Mr. Rosen to be happy after all.

Friendly Fire 

“Friends” alum Lisa Kudrow began her arc on Scandal this week as Josephine Marcus, a Democratic congresswoman from Montana who asks that President Grant control the “cobra” in his pants and return to governing the country. But it seems like Fitz is not the only one in the White House putting body parts where they don’t belong because during a press event, Mellie sticks her foot in her mouth—figuratively of course—and voices her unflattering opinion of Marcus when she thinks the microphone is off. An angry Cyrus all but confirms that Mellie’s big mouth effectively minted Fitz's election opponent and the president’s lack of appeal with female voters doesn’t help matters much. Maybe the dirt about Marcus abandoning a baby at 15 will do the trick, but we’ll have to wait until next week to find that out. 

Budding Bromance 

Huck is struggling through his addiction this week because after killing last week his enjoyment of the activity has asserted its vice grip. Jake approaches him about partnering to take down “command” and Huck is reluctant at first. But, after hearing Rowan lie to Cyrus about the death of Pete Foster—whose suicide Huck staged last week—he agrees to team up with Jake, and the two men inform Olivia of her father’s and the president’s connection to Foster, the fallen Navy Pilot. Also, Quinn seems just a little too pre-occupied with Huck’s well-being and is getting a bit too much of a high off of hearing about his kills. This girl seems headed down a dark and twisty path. 

Meanwhile, Fitz pulls out all the stops to arrange a formal military burial for Foster, the American hero-turned-druggie at Arlington Cemetery. Clearly the President has something to hide and at the end of the episode, Fitz makes what he calls a long overdue visit to Rowen. The history between these guys is still murky, but it’s clear that we are only at the beginning of a long list of secrets about to be exposed. 

It looks like we’ll be seeing even more of Kudrow next week when Olivia takes Josephine Marcus on as a client, potentially igniting another war with the White House. Check out the promo for next week’s episode and sound off below with your thoughts. Do you think Marcus will prove a formidable opponent for Fitz or Mellie for that matter? Is there hope for Quinn to find a new outlet to quench her blood thirst? Any new ideas about what Remington was and how well do you think Rowan and Fitz know each other?

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