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'Pumpkin Pie' Pop Tarts And Other Outrageous Flavors

Kelli Shiroma |
October 30, 2013 | 2:09 p.m. PDT

Food Editor

"Pumpkin Pie" Pop Tarts are a fall staple (theimpulsivebuy / Flickr).
"Pumpkin Pie" Pop Tarts are a fall staple (theimpulsivebuy / Flickr).
Pumpkin Pie” flavored Pop Tarts debuted in 2010, and they have returned as a seasonal favorite ever since. An easy-to-heat alternative to baking your own pumpkin pies, yes, these Pop Tarts are pre-made, but still include the fragrant, spice-laden, pumpkiny aroma that is sure to please this fall season. This sprinkled, frosted creation includes nutmeg, cinnamon and clove spices in its pumpkin pie-flavored filling

The “Pumpkin Pie” flavor is just one of many Kellogg’s famous toaster pastry offers. Here’s the top 11 most delicious … and, following that, the top nine most unique flavors.

1) “Peanut Butter” / “Chocolate Peanut Butter” 

Both “Peanut Butter” and “Chocolate Peanut Butter” Pop Tarts are part of the company’s new “Gone Nutty!” series, which launched in May. It’s been 27 years since Kellogg’s released a Pop Tarts flavor with peanut butter (the “Peanut Butter & Jelly” flavor was discontinued in 1986). The “Peanut Butter” flavor features a creamy peanut butter filling with a sugar crystal topping, while “Chocolate Peanut Butter” includes the same creamy peanut butter filling with a sweet, chocolate frosted crust.

2) “Hot Fudge Sundae”

Who needs ice cream when “Hot Fudge Sundae” Pop Tart flavors are available? This sundae-inspired treat includes creamy vanilla filling, vanilla and fudge icing, a chocolate crust and rainbow-colored sprinkles. All that’s missing from this “sundae” is a cherry on top. 

3) “Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough”

Pop Tarts already has a “Chocolate Chip” flavor, but this “Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough” rendition takes the chocolate level up a notch. With a chocolate crust topped with vanilla icing, this flavor’s highlight is its soft and chewy cookie dough filling. 

4) “Brown Sugar Cinnamon”

One of the staples of the Pop Tart collection—and arguably one of the most popular flavors—“Brown Sugar Cinnamon” evokes flavors of the modern-day churro with its sensational brown-sugar-and-cinnamon combo and toasted, golden crust. 

5) “Mapley Brown Sugar”

Who said Pop Tarts can never be healthy? The “Oatmeal Delights” series, which includes a “Mapley Brown Sugar” flavor, gives a classic breakfast item a delicious makeover. This Pop Tart features a warm, mapley brown sugar filling with an oatmeal crust laden with cinnamon oat crumbles. After tasting this texturized treat, it’ll be hard to go back to oatmeal in its liquid form.

"Cookies & Creme" is a popular flavor (theimpulsivebuy / Flickr).
"Cookies & Creme" is a popular flavor (theimpulsivebuy / Flickr).
6) “Cookies & Crème”

Inspired by the beloved ice cream flavor, “Cookies & Crème” includes vanilla crème filling, a chocolate cookie crust and delicious cookie crumbles. It’s just like an Oreo, but in Pop Tart form.

7) “Chocolate Fudge”

One of the more “traditional” Pop Tart flavors, “Chocolate Fudge” features a trifecta of chocolate in its filling, crust and frosting. This decadent delight is truly every chocolate lover’s dream.

8) “Confetti Cupcake”

Pop Tarts takes the cake with this fun, colorful flavor. “Confetti Cupcake” highlights a pastry with a vanilla cupcake-flavored center, confetti sprinkles and white frosting. 

9) “Red Velvet”

This “Limited Edition” item allows customers to indulge in red velvet not only during Christmas, but all year long! This “Red Velvet” flavor features a sweet cream cheese filling, a red velvet crust, vanilla icing and sprinkles. 

10) “Strawberry” 

One of the most popular Pop Tart flavors, the “Strawberry” filling is actually made from real fruits and is completed with white frosting and rainbow sugar crystals. 

11) “S’Mores”

The list of “best” Pop Tart flavors would be incomplete without “S’Mores." This campfire favorite includes a chocolate-marshmallow filling inside a graham cracker crust with chocolate frosting. 

… and now, for the 9 most original flavors. 

1) “Grape”

This grape flavored Pop Tart packs a punch as part of the company’s “Wildlicious” series. The grape-flavored filling in this treat is topped off with purple-and-green frosting, a golden crust and green sprinkles. 

2) “Cinnamon Roll” 

A bit similar in taste to “Brown Sugar Cinnamon” in taste, this cinnamon roll-inspired treat is “cinfully” sweet. Resembling a Cinnabon (but in a toaster strudel form), this Pop Tart includes a cinnamon filling, icing and crust. 

3) “Frosted Cherry Turnover”

This limited edition Pop Tart flavor attempts to recreate a popular fruit pastry. Featuring cherry filling and a sparse drizzle of frosting, digging into the regular (frosted) “Cherry” flavor is a better bet.

4) “Mint Chocolate Chip” 

There were mixed reviews when Pop Tarts debuted its “Mint Chocolate Chip” flavor, as some fans said it was a great combo—similar to Girls Scouts Thin Mints cookies—while others said it didn’t taste anything like the trademark mint chocolate chip ice cream flavor. This combo featured a brown, mint-chocolate filling; white frosting (with a green frosting drizzle); a chocolate crust; and brown sprinkles. 

5) “Gingerbread”

This gingerbread-flavored Pop Tarts are unique because, instead of frosting, they feature fun holiday prints. Featuring a sweet, light filling likened to a cinnamon glaze, these seasonal treats—like traditional gingerbread cookies—taste best fresh out of the (toaster) oven. 

6) “Rainbow Cookie Sandwich”

Ice cream sandwiches + Pop Tarts = “Rainbow Cookie Sandwich” flavor. This treat, which was a part of Pop Tarts’ “Ice Cream Shoppe” series, featured a white filling (supposedly like ice cream), a chocolate drizzle and rainbow sprinkles.

7) “Frosted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate”

A favorite during the chilly winter months, this seasonal sweet treat includes a marshmallow filling with a hot chocolate-flavored crust, mocha-colored frosting and chocolate crumbles on top. Now you can drink your hot chocolate and eat it, too. 

8) “Sugar Cookie”

Just in time for the Christmas season, this “Sugar Cookie” flavor features sugar cookie dough-flavored filling and a vanilla-flavored crust. Reminiscent of the real sugar cookies baked during the holidays, this sweet treat is sure to keep you smiling all winter long.

Fruity flavors run wild in the "Wild Fruit Fusion" combo (theimpulsivebuy / Flickr).
Fruity flavors run wild in the "Wild Fruit Fusion" combo (theimpulsivebuy / Flickr).
9) “Fruit Fusion”

Things really do get “wild” with this “Fruit Fusion” flavor. Pucker up and get ready for a medley of filling flavors—including cherry, orange, strawberry, blueberry and raspberry—as well as the bright yellow frosting, orange icing and colorful sprinkles. 

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