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Pokémon X And Y Sales Reach An All Time High

Janelle Cabuco |
October 20, 2013 | 10:56 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Pokémon X and Y (Honou / Flickr Creative Commons).
Pokémon X and Y (Honou / Flickr Creative Commons).
In only two days, Nintendo sold over four million copies of Pokémon X and Y, marking X and Y as not only the fastest selling Pokémon games, but the fastest selling Nintendo 3DS games of all time. 

X and Y are doing extremely well in sales overall, with initial sales being over 70 percent more than Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 sales.

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In terms of overall Pokémon sales, the top-selling games are currently Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, which have combined sales of 17 million units overall. However, older generation Pokémon games are quite close to that 17 million unit mark, and Pokémon X and Y are quickly catching up.

Though Pokémon X and Y sales seem astonishing, this number is highly skewed when in comparison with older generation games, since X and Y were the first Pokémon games to launch worldwide simultaneously. In addition, many stores ignored the official release date, Saturday, October 13th, and actually sold the games earlier.

However, don’t let these factors fool you, Pokémon X and Y sales are quite impressive to say the least. In those first two days of sales, Pokémon X and Y have already matched a quarter of lifetime Pokémon sales of any of the top-selling Pokémon game. 

Andrew Wong, a 21-year-old game developer and Pokémon consumer, says, “I bought the game two days before its release due to my girlfriend's interest, and my desire to share a fun experience together through gaming. It has been a great bonding experience so far, and has actually allowed me to break the ice with some people at school. My school has quite the fan base for Pokémon X and Y, so making friends and battling has been quite awesome.”

Wong goes on to say, “Oh man, this game is awesome.  They changed everything, and nothing, at the same time.  It maintains true to its Pokémon origins, while throwing a new and long-desired twist, 3D and animated battles. After Pokémon Stadium, it just became something that many Pokémon fans had been waiting for.”

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Though Pokémon X and Y were designed for children, large portions of their players are adults, many coming from the ‘90s generation. 

Wong says, “I think this game is worth buying for $40.00 if you ever liked the Pokémon series as a kid. It brings out the nostalgia factor, while staying true to the idea of being a new game.”

Richard Viernes, a 19-year-old Toronto computer science student, pre-ordered both X and Y near the end of August and picked them both up on their official release date. Though he does admit there are many cons to these two games, and though he finished the game just one day after the release date, he says, “Overall, the main Pokémon series has generally impressed me, remembering good times playing each generation. Pokémon X and Y are no exceptions whatsoever. As a hybrid of a competitive player and a casual player, I can find myself playing this series for a while, especially with some changes within stats, moves, abilities, and type coverage, etc. Hopefully, there will be a sequel for X & Y.”


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