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Is This The Next Adele? Meet Miriam Bryant

Jacqueline Luke |
October 10, 2013 | 7:55 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Bryant's new EP "Push Play" is already out. (Photo via Wikimedia)
Bryant's new EP "Push Play" is already out. (Photo via Wikimedia)
Upon listening to this track, one might think Adele has come out with a new song, but with closer inspection it is actually a rising artist by the name of Miriam Bryant.

In fact, that is exactly what happened when the well known DJ, Zedd, first heard Bryant's song on the German radio.

"Everyone gets compared to someone at some point, it might as well be Adele," Miriam jokes, "It's not bad at all!" With the help of Zedd, Bryant has signed with Interscope Records and recently released her EP "Push Play," a blend of pop, elctronic, and soulful sounds.

This 22 year old Swedish singer found her passion for music through a school project: "[My friend] asked me to be the artist for this school project where we had to write three songs and one of which is 'Finders, Keepers,'" says Bryant. "Finders, Keepers," the first song of her EP, is one of her favorites to perform live and it is clear throughout the strong track that she brings soul and passion into the words.

Her other song, "Push Play," also re-mixed in Zedd's re-release of "Clarity," is made up of multiple stories that Bryant calls her poetry. "It's a love story, basically, and it's also about dissapointment and family."

When asked about who inspires her music she says that she looks up to Lady Gaga, "she's just really intelligent and has such interesting things to say." It is clear that Miriam has big plans for the future stating, "I really believe in my music and I have big dreams."

Before leaving the interview Miriam adds, "I love LA! I love the weather, I love the sun, I love the food." With all this love going around it's hard not to love Miriam's new album and cool personality.

Check out Miriam's facebook page here.

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