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New MTV Series 'Scrubbing In': Interview With The Cast

Kaitlyn Durocher |
October 24, 2013 | 4:06 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

The cast of 'Scrubbing In' (MTV)
The cast of 'Scrubbing In' (MTV)
Every career has stereotypes associated to it, some being worse than others. Nursing is a career that is often stereotyped as something anyone can do or as the job people get because they failed at becoming a doctor.

However, a new MTV reality show is proving nurses are so much more then assistants. The show takes viewers inside the day-to-day activities of nurses and then follows them in their crazy lives once the scrubs are off.

Premiering this Thursday, MTV’s new show 'Scrubbing In' follows nine nurses as they leave their homes to work in an Orange County hospital in California. 

The cast consists of three boys and six girls who left behind their normal lives to be part of the show for three months. Chelsey Ferri, 25, and Heather Ambrose, 27, are two out of the nine who say the experience was an amazing opportunity and one they would not go back and change, even if they could.

“I wouldn’t take this back; I’m really excited to see and to show America what we do,” said Chelsey, a Pittsburg native.

Chelsey and her fellow 'Scrubbing In' nurse, Heather, are both originally from Pennsylvania and knew each other before coming on the show. Four other of the members are also from Pennsylvania. 

 “Chelsey and I knew each other prior to traveling. We worked at a hospital on the same unit together,” Heather explained. 

The girls both agree traveling and being on the show has been an amazing experience.

“I think we all are those people who are like you only live once and I think if you can travel with your closest friends doing what we love, what an amazing experience so that’s what we did, we just went out there and did it,” Heather exclaimed. 

On top of being able to travel, both girls have a passion for their careers due to their backgrounds. 

“My mom was at the nursing school when I was about 6 or 7 and I had been able to go to work with her on bring your daughter to work day… “ remembered Chelsey,”  my grandmother was a nurse as well so I kind of felt like it was in my blood to be a nurse.”

For Heather, the decision to be a nurse came out of an incident that occurred when she was in high school. 

“When I was 17 my dad passed away, so the whole experience kind of took me to where I am now… if I could learn something to keep tabs on the rest of my family and help others through difficult situations…I knew that that’s what I wanted to do,” Heather said. 

Nurses, according to the two girls, are more then doctor’s assistants; they are people who are passionate about their jobs and helping others. Which is why those who criticize the MTV show as depicting nurses in a negative light is something both Chelsey and Heather cannot believe. 

“I don’t think as far as what any of us have done in the hospital shows a bad side of us, I think our nursing careers and what we do in the hospital are very professional. I think that we all maintained very good professional whereabouts amongst the nursing staff and the physician,” said Chelsey. 

Critics of the show get their opinions based off the side of the show that follows the nurses in their after hours social lives. From pool parties to bar hopping, the nurses appear to have their wild side. However, both Chelsey and Heather agree this side to the nurses does not affect their work in any way. 

“A lot of nurses might feel intimidated by the show… it kind of opens up a curtain to a lot of what people don’t get to see. You get to see us at work, but you also get to see us outside of work, which the public doesn’t get to see, but even though you’re seeing this side I think the general population needs to realize that those two- work and our outside life- are still kept separate,” said Heather. 

While the girls and the rest of the cast members know how to have fun outside of work, they said while at work they are all business. 

The cast (Twitpic @Meesh_B)
The cast (Twitpic @Meesh_B)

“We would never drink before a shift because you do have to be on point, you have to have enough breath, you need to know exactly what’s happening with your patient and you have to notice the little things,” said Heather. 

Defending their careers was not part of what the girls expected from the being on the show, but then again, they also never pictured themselves being a part of reality TV at all. 

“None of us actually ever imagined being on reality TV. We all went into nursing because we all have different stories to make us love what we do,” said Heather. 

However, when presented with the opportunity to be a part of the show, they knew they could not turn it down. 

“If you ask the general public what nurses do on a day-to-day basis, nobody has any clue how hard it is to be a nurse,” said Heather. “We thought that if we can show the public how hard we work and to what extent we go in day-to-day lives we thought sure, let’s do it.”

Combining their love for nursing, traveling and their desire to show an inside look into nursing, Chelsey and Heather said their decision to be on the show was one they did not regret. 

“We did this show as nurses, we didn’t do this show to like become famous or anything, that wasn’t anyone’s intention. We love being nurses, all of us,” Chelsey proudly proclaimed. 

If another season of 'Scrubbing In' were to develop, the girls say they would definitely do it, but for now they both continue in their journey as nurses. 

Tune in this Thursday, Oct 24th at 10/9c to catch Chelsey, Heather and the rest of the cast in action- both in the hospital and out. 

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