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Crime And Poverty With Gloria And Rachal

Phillomina Wong |
October 9, 2013 | 10:25 a.m. PDT

Guest Contributor

Rachal Burton and Gloria Burton (Phillomina Wong/Neon Tommy)
Rachal Burton and Gloria Burton (Phillomina Wong/Neon Tommy)
Name: Gloria Burton

Neighborhood: South Los Angeles 

Job: Procurement Agent at Southern California Edison 

Age: 50

Name: Rachal Burton 

Neighborhood:South Los Angeles

Job: Admissions and Records

Age: 23


What are the top issues facing Los Angeles, and why?

Gloria: Crime, poverty. There have been a lot of recent shootings with young kids in the area. Hit and runs. Then, within South L.A. you have a lot of poverty, homeless individuals. 


What could Mayor Garcetti do to address your top priorities?

Gloria: I think having forums within those neighborhoods to sort of get some input from the people that live within those areas. What else do you think he should be doing? 

Rachal: If we're talking about poverty, then I guess more feed the hunger programs.Programs that offer toiletries--public programs like that. 

Gloria: I'm thinking a lot of them are private. I think addressing a lot of the mental health issues too, which can be a major contributor. 


Did you vote in the May election? Who did you support? 

Gloria: I think I missed it. 


So, what do you think could be the cause of poverty and homelessness?

Gloria: "Given the financial state we are living in California, a lot of people don't have the resources for housing healthcare and just my daughter had indicated, just public assistance." 

Rachal: "Less in terms of welfare, more in terms of giving back. Welfare is sort of like a credit system."


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