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Man Man At The Fonda Theatre: Review

Samuel Schulte |
October 1, 2013 | 1:55 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

On Sunday Night, a record-breaking 10.3 million people watched the emotionally satisfying finale of AMC's "Breaking Bad."But at the Fonda Theater, a wacky new-age showman led a modest crowd into chanting "F*ck Breaking Bad."

These fans were instead here to see Man Man, although the emcee conceded that the AMC program was "the greatest show on television."

Led by the energetic frontman Honus Honus, Man Man most resembles a ramshackle band of merry jesters. Creatively indulgent, the band marches to its own beat, performing a unique blend of colorful and genre-spanning music.

However, one thing remained consistent throughout the night: Man Man’s persistent ability to get the crowd partying.

Man Man employed costume changes, confetti, choreographed dancing, and audience participation to bring up the energy. With rainbow-tinted lighting, Honus Honus frenetically slammed on his Rhodes piano and ran across the stage like a mad scientist. The other members of the band performed with French horns, xylophones, saxophones, melodicas, bells, whistles, and anything else on hand. Opposite Honus Honus, the drummer never let up and played drum fills every measure.

Man Man doesn’t lazily ask for your attention; they demand it.

Not many bands are able to blend the grotesque and the absurd with bright, sunny pop melodies like Man Man. In the unabashed good-times love song "Piranha’s Club," bandmates chant "Tear his limbs off!" with immense charm and enthusiasm. 

Touring their latest album "On Oni Pond," Man Man’s set focused heavily on their recent output. While their earlier albums implemented Eastern European medleys and spastic instrumental breakdowns, they have since tamed down and implemented a sunny, party-hardy mentality.

New songs like "Pyramids" and "Head On" are easily digestible pop ditties, in the best way possible.

The audience danced, cheered, and partied their way thru the set, showcasing a true love for the songs. When Honus Honus performed a solo ukulele version of "Deep Cover," the audience didn’t just clap along; they did a clap, stomp combo- a first for this reviewer. 

Another aspect that this review had never before witnessed was the complete lack of communication to the audience. Not a word was spoken by the band, but that did not deter the audience from grooving. Man Man put it all out on stage. 

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