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Los Angeles Fashion Blogs' Accessory Of The Week: Quilted Details

Mona Khalifeh |
October 7, 2013 | 7:09 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Chanel Bag (Pinterest)
Chanel Bag (Pinterest)
From runways to retail, the quilted look is becoming a fashion trend that is being shown in accesories and clothing alike. Quilting has been seen in stores since the late summer, making the look a great transitional trend for the fall and winter seasons.  

The quilted clutch and purse have been shown in both New York and Paris fashion weeks as statement pieces. Since then, quilting has made its way into the retail market, in forms such as phone cases and coin purses.  

The exhibit of extensive quilted detail in the fashion world is the perfect pop to turn an average black purse into something more.

(The Budget Fashionista)
(The Budget Fashionista)
Fashion blog The Budget Fashionista showcased a quilted leather jacket with boots, colored pants, and a plaid shirt tied around the waist.  

The quilted detail of the leather jacket provides texture and edge to the outfit, while following some of the hot fall trends.

The blog also shows quilted clutches, as well as a quilted detail on skirts and graphic tees alike. Small details of quilting allow wearers to combine trends into an overall look, or maintain subtlety through accessories. 



Quilted Skirt (Express)
Quilted Skirt (Express)

Express has been showing this quilted detail in their fall floorsets, using their windows to bring the trend to the forefront.

Quilted details on skirts, dresses, and as a patch work detail on shirts are all part of their fall line of affordable (yet chic) looks. 



Quilted (Simon Style Setter)
Quilted (Simon Style Setter)
Fashion blog Simon Style Setter shows eight ways to wear the quilted trend, styling it in a myriad of ways: from vests to shoes, the classic clutch, and even a quilted-detailed sweater. The quilted details in each of these accessories allows them to stand out from their original form, creating an accessory within the look through only one detail.

The quilted watch band (3) shows timepieces in a different way, taking the average leather band to a new level by making it more of an accessory than just the average time piece. The quilted detail works well on its own in each of these looks, but can be paired together for an overall quilted look.

Quilting is becoming a staple everywhere. From stores like Forever 21, which displayed the quilted detail in their L.A. collection, to the actual streets of L.A., you can find a quilted accessory or detail that will keep you on trend.

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