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Los Angeles Fashion Blogs' Accessory Of The Week: Overloaded Accessories

Mona Khalifeh |
October 16, 2013 | 3:33 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Overloaded Accessories (Song of Style)
Overloaded Accessories (Song of Style)
Los Angeles fashion bloggers are overloading on accessories this week. These style stories show series of stacked must-haves, from mixed metals to layered chunky necklaces. Overloaded accessories break all of the rules, mixing and layering an array of pieces to create a stacked look that can be paired with any outfit.

Aimee Song, writer of the Los Angeles-based fashion blog, Song of Style, highlights the overloaded accessories trend.  Song pairs a plaid shirt and quilted leather skirt with an armfull of bangles, accompanied by a large, gold statement watch.  The accessories don't stop there; Song pairs those pieces with a gold necklace, and an overload of mixed-metal rings on both hands.  The strappy nature of the heels create that overloaded look, giving the illusion of stacked ankle bracelets.  While the look can get a bit heavy, Song achieved the overloaded look by balancing her accessories and not weighing down one side of the body.  Balance is definitely key when overloading on accessories, keeping the look fun and chic, without being tacky.

Stacked Rings (Karla's Closet)
Stacked Rings (Karla's Closet)

Karla Deras, fashion blogger at Los Angeles' Karla's Closet, wears accessories that are glitzy and gold, showing that you can combine bling with flat metals to create a stacked look.  The overloaded accessories stand out against the muted, all-black outfit with which Deras pairs the accessories.

In addition to the overloaded bling rings, a set of bedazzled bracelets, all different in style, are combined with overloaded gold necklaces, creating a layer and balance that pops in an understated way.

Deras has been styling with an overload of accessories for a while now, showing how combining textures, colors, and metals in accessories adds a unique flair to any outfit.  By wearing more than one of an accessory or just combining a set of accessories that you might not think pair well together, you are creating a layer to your outfit that stands out from the outfit itself.  It's more than just wearing jewelry, and Karla's Closet shows that.

Mixed Metals (Sincerely Jules)
Mixed Metals (Sincerely Jules)
L.A. blogger, Sincerely Jules, shows a perfect example of how to wear mixed metals, textures, and pieces when combining overloaded accessories.  The blog shows this mix of watches bangles, and rings with an array of outfits.  

From workout chic ensembles, to high-fashion, and even in street-wear, overloaded accessories make the difference in all of these outfits. This blogger shows that you can combine statement pieces with understated items to create new looks, even when re-wearing accessories.  By overloading, you can combine some of your favorite pieces with unique items, like rings or old necklaces.

Glamour Magazine gives this YouTube tutorial on how to style your fun accessories for this overloaded look, showing just how accessories can transform your whole look.

The overloaded accessory trend looks like it is here to stay.  Retailers are catering to the fashion by selling more on-trend looks in a variety of metals, shapes and textures, that make it both affordable and accessible to rock overloaded accessories this season. 

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