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An L.A. Resident Talks About Need For Jobs In The City

Lamarana Diallo |
October 10, 2013 | 2:32 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Edward Moch
Edward Moch

Name: Rev. Edward Moch 

Neighborhood: San Pedro 

Job: Psychical Analyst-Consultant 

Age: 59 

What are the top issues facing Los Angeles?

One major issue is the lack of decent jobs and housing for many people in the city of LA.  

What could Mayor Garcetti do to address your top priorities? 

He should bring in businesses that want to grow and contribute to the city not businesses that stay for a short period and then leave. 

Did you vote in the May election? Who did you support? 

Yes, I did vote, but I voted for Wendy Greuel. I felt both candidates were the right candidates at the time and it would be a win/win situation no matter who won. I voted for Wendy primarily because she is part of my district and I had the chance to interact with her more so than Garcetti.  

Can you elaborate more on the job issue you mentioned earlier? 

Yes, the job force helps build the city. If people don’t have decent jobs, it destroys family structure as in families break up. If you have a decent job, it helps self-esteem and people will have less to worry about. Its more of a social issue because if people don’t have great work it leads into the other issues that LA faces such as crime. 

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