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LA And Orange County Gas Prices At 10 Month Low

Shilpa Nagesh |
October 24, 2013 | 1:57 p.m. PDT

Executive Producer

(Flikr Creative Commons)
(Flikr Creative Commons)
Today, Los Angeles and Orange counties both reported average gas prices at their lowest since January.

LA saw gas prices consistently decline for 35-days before staying unchanged at $3.779 per gallon. Based on statistics provided by AAA and Oil Price Information Service, the average price in LA is 2.8 cents less than one week ago, 22.8 cents lower than one month ago and 62.4 cents below one year ago.

Orange County is currently on a 37-day streak of dropping average gas prices. It now averages $3.743 per gallon, which is 2.7 cents less than one week ago, 23.7 cents lower than one month ago, and 63 cents below one year ago.

"Price declines are continuing as gas stations deplete their summer blend supply in anticipation of using the cheaper-to-produce winter blend on Nov. 1," Marie Montgomery of the Automobile Club of Southern California said.

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