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Kim Kardashian Plans To Take Kanye West's Last Name

Mara Hyman |
October 29, 2013 | 11:48 a.m. PDT

Associate Entertainment Editor

Can you picture Kim as Mrs. West? (Tumblr)
Can you picture Kim as Mrs. West? (Tumblr)
Kim Kardashian may be known for her famous last name, but once she's married that might all change. At her birthday celebration on Friday in Las Vegas, she told E! News that she will go by "Kim Kardashian West," which means that Kardashian will then become her middle name. 

This could be a good sign for her marriage to Kanye West, given that she chose not to take the last name Humphries in her last marriage. Her mother, Kris, was against her becoming Kim Humphries because of branding and business ventures. That mom is all about the money.

Nevertheless, perhaps Kris will be fine with her keeping Kardashian as a middle name because she will likely still be referred to as Kim Kardashian. It makes sense for her to want to add West to her name since they have a baby together with that last name.

Kim is not the only Kardashian to change her name. Besides Kris who became a Jenner when she married Bruce, Khloe changed her last name to Kardashian-Odom when she married Lamar. However, the Internet was buzzing when she more recently took out the Odom part of her name on Twitter during this rough patch in their marriage.

It's interesting that Kim plans to make Kardashian her middle name and not follow in Khloe's footsteps by hypenating her last name to become Kardashian-West.

No matter your opinions on the Kardashians, it's refreshing to see a reality star, whose celebrity status is directly linked to their name, put their marriage and bond to their partner first. We'll have to wait and see if Kim actually follows through and changes her name since the wedding is not until sometime next summer according to Kanye - perhaps we'll see this all unfold on another E! wedding special?

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