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Kim Kardashian's 9 Kraziest Moments

Jiawei Wang |
October 21, 2013 | 4:41 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Reality star/selfie enthusiast Kim Kardashian turned 33 today. In honor of the occasion, let’s look at the nine craziest things she has ever done in her past 32 years:

To be fair, that is one cute baby. (Photo via kimkardashian/Instagram)
To be fair, that is one cute baby. (Photo via kimkardashian/Instagram)
1. North West, round one

The top one, of course, is naming her baby North. North West… I felt betrayed like anyone else. Why you’d pick directions on a compass to inspire a baby’s moniker??

2. Tweeting Barbie

The scene: Christmas night, 2011. Kim tweeted Barbie like this, Kim “Merry Christmas Barbs @BarbieStyle! Long time no see! What did Ken get you for Christmas? Miss you doll!” Then, the “Barbie” re-tweeted “Happy Doll-idays to you too @KimKardashian! See you in 2012?” Then Kim replied that she'd see Barbie a little and that she’d be “shopping soon.” Maybe 2011 was just too much for her to handle and the amount of sanity she had left was very questionable. 

3. North West, round two

Only after two months she has become a mother and she announced putting North to “Model” her new baby clothing line. North was WEEKS old at that time. She can’t talk, walk, and she certainly can’t model. Is some water getting in your head, Kim?

Seriously... who would do this to themselves. (Photo via kimkardashian/Instagram)
Seriously... who would do this to themselves. (Photo via kimkardashian/Instagram)
4. Getting vampy

Kim also shocked everyone by posting her vampire facelift photo. In the photo, the blood is oozing from the face, and it includes yellow stuff that you see it ooz out when you scrape your knee… She explained her crazy move by responding she’s willing to try “anything that makes you look and feel youthful.”  

5. Posing nude with Yeezy

Kim also have posed nude with rapper baby daddy Kanye West together on the cover of the French magazine L’Officiel Hommes before North was born. Maybe she’s just worried that the future child won’t have enough to be embarrassed about besides the sex tapes floating around out there. 

6. Waxing pains

The clip from "Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami" is one of the ridiculous things Kim has done on television. It showed that the craziness is a family trait. As if getting a bikini was isn’t painful enough, the Kardashians dig around and put butter on each others' crotches. There's no privacy in the Kardashian household!

7. Remember Kris Humphries? Yeah...

The first time Kim got cast in an actual movie was as a marriage therapist. Maybe she was going for the irony?

8. Her short-lived non-reality TV career

Kim Kardashian finished in 11th place on "Dancing with the Stars." She did surprisingly poorly and it’s kind of hilarious to look at her face when she fails. She can't dance, and she's already proved that she can't sing. 

9. Have we mentioned that there's nothing she won't selfie?

In April 2009, Kim tweeted her horrifying sun burned face from Mexico, pleading for help with her burned face. Where most people would get that checked out, her first reaction: selfie time.

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