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Halloween Costumes Based On TV Show Characters

Kathy Zerbib |
October 4, 2013 | 12:00 a.m. PDT

Film Editor

This year for Halloween, be a "Breaking Bad" character (Twitter/@MathewwBall).
This year for Halloween, be a "Breaking Bad" character (Twitter/@MathewwBall).
With Halloween coming up, it's time to fret over costume ideas. Should you dress up as a cliché witch or ghost? Are Disney princess characters overdone? Perhaps you'll find inspiration from some fimiliar faces on television.

Cheerios Cheerleader ("Glee")

Don't feel like getting too dressed up this year? Slap on the signature cheerleading outfit, fix up a ponytail, shake some pom poms, and you're all set as a character straight out of "Glee." Insanely good dance and singing abilities sold separately. Find the look here!

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Dalton Academy Warblers School Uniform ("Glee")

Blaine Anderson looks fierce in a Warblers school uniform, and so can you! Grab a few friends and you've got your very own Warblers group costume. Find the DIY how-to for this look here!

Walter White/Heisenberg ("Breaking Bad")

"Breaking Bad" just ended, but what better way to remember a fantastic series than to dress up as one of its characters? Pick a Walter White look or a Heisenberg one... They'll both be easily recognizeable. Find the DIY how-to here, or shop for the look here!

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Uncle Si Or Willie ("Duck Dynasty")

The beautiful part of going as a "Duck Dynasty" character: You'll be instantly recognized and high-fived. The only you things you need for the look are a camo vest, a gnarly beard, a wig, and a bandana. Find a good reference here or here, or to shop for the complete look!

Barbarian Warrior ("Game of Thrones")

The cosplay outfits the fans of this show make are amazing, and prove this oufit is a total DIY-er! Cut up old clothes or use scraps to put outfits together. Or, shop for a ready-made look here!

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Waitress Uniform ("2 Broke Girls")

Want to look like Max or Caroline for Halloween, or just want to pull off a waitress outfit in general? Get a "2 Broke Girls" waitress uniform. You might opt for some 3-inch red heels, since you won't actually be waiting tables. Shop for the look here!

The Tenth Doctor ("Doctor Who")

This costume can entirely be assembled from what's already in your closet - no need to spend big bucks! A pair of Converse hi-top sneakers, a plain-colored button down shirt, a trench coat, and some basic black glasses are among the ingredients for a successful Doctor Who costume. Find a good reference here or here

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