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'Glee' Recap: Tina In The Sky With Diamonds

Gennyvera Pacheco |
October 4, 2013 | 5:33 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

The second installment of Glee's Beatlemania took place during this week's episode (Fox)
The second installment of Glee's Beatlemania took place during this week's episode (Fox)
The prom episode has been a "Glee" standard since the end of season two. Not only did it happen way earlier in the season than before, but the occasion is tied to the Beatles tribute going on in glee club.

The dialogue begins with Blaine thanking Sam for agreeing to go to prom with Tina, who is super excited not so much because of the arm candy she's taking. Actually, Ms. Cohen-Chang has bigger plans: she's going for the crown and the coveted title of prom queen. Sue, preferably known as Principal Sylvester now, announces the candidates for this year's "Brundleprom", which means it's open to all students from freshmen to seniors. 

Class president Blaine Anderson is nominated for king along with future director Artie Abrams and…Stoner Brett. For prom queen, it's Kitty, Neckbrace Cheerio (who has had a neck brace for about two years now so I'm concerned), and Tina! We're all excited for her until we see the nomination has already gotten to her head. She's a woman with her eyes on the prize and okay with hurting anyone in the process of getting there, starting with Sam. 

Tina dumps Sam out of strategy in order to get the votes from the wallflowers and single ladies. She then tells the rest of the club that this is the year she wins, and that she expects all of their votes to go to her. Her competition, Kitty, is in the room, yet she's the first to speak and says that she agrees to vote for Tina. In a haze of excitement, Tina breaks out and sings "Revolution" only to be cut short by the bell. From breaking down in tears to being booed off the stage, she has the worst of luck with solo performances.

Things in New York are going pretty well. Rachel anxiously awaits news about her callback while Santana landed her first acting gig. It's not as glamorous as it sounds, since it's actually a commercial for Yeast-I-Stat. Yes, we get to see it and yes, it's hilarious.

Rachel says she's totally not jealous of Santana, but really, it hurts her confidence knowing a good friend of hers found a small opportunity to shine. 

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The new school nurse is Sam's new love interest (Fox)
The new school nurse is Sam's new love interest (Fox)
Although Santana can now call herself somewhat of a leading lady, she was once known for her villainous position as head of the Cheerios. Now that she has graduated, someone's got some big shoes to fill. Seems like one of the new faces, Bree, is set to take after her. The first mission? Get Kitty, a member of the Cheerios, to win prom queen to restore the group's former spot at the top of the social ladder. Bree means business, with a long accusation at Kitty revolving around her kindness towards her friends in ND and how it can exist the other 51 weeks of the year, but not during prom week. 

Rachel is uneventfully tuning some pianos at NYADA when Kurt walks in and tells her that she needs to find her long-lost sense of ambition. To inspire her, Kurt gets her to sing an impromptu duet. They have loads of fun singing "Get Back."

Sam was bailed on by Tina and he's pretty bummed about it. Mr. Shue finds him in the choir room being sad about that and about not getting nominated for king. The principal waltzes in and says that the members of New Directions have to get their vaccinations and Sam freaks out. All of that ends when he meets Penny, a college student and the new school nurse. Surprise, surprise, there's a new apple of his eye!

Tina has become a total prom queenzilla and her determination for the crown is further fueled by Kitty's sudden spike in popularity, as stated by her new personal assistant. There's Kitty posters absolutely everywhere, and Tina confronts her about it. It's highly likely that the Cheerios had something to do with this sudden promotion, but none of the glee club members believe that Kitty had nothing to do with it. She starts tearing down posters in an effort to stop the madness, all while Bree watches from afar and concocts a new plan to get her way.

Sam bumps into Blaine and Artie in the halls at school and tells them that he has to go to the nurse's office because he got a snake bite. They calls him out on it, saying that it's definitely too big of a bite and he did it on purpose to go see Penny. The friends suggest that Sam should just ask her to dance at prom since she will be chaperoning, but Sam claims he's a "radioactive asteroid." Basically, Penny will get tired of him if they spend too much time together. This doesn't stop him from crushing hard, and he sings "Something" as a little ode to her.

Dani, played by Demi Lovato, has instant musical and romantic chemistry with Santana (Fox)
Dani, played by Demi Lovato, has instant musical and romantic chemistry with Santana (Fox)
Sam's daydream is shattered by Penny getting fired for mixing up the vials while taking care of some students. The love bug isn't just all over Lima; it's in New York too! Santana is making heart eyes over Dani (played by Demi Lovato), a waitress at the diner. We find out Dani is a lesbian and that Brittany is no longer a romantic interest for Santana. She leaves the table with some lame excuse about getting the salt shakers, and Rachel takes this time to encourage a totally flustered Santana to ask Dani out! Santana still has her doubts but she's certainly been bit by the love bug…hard.

Bree decides to work through Dottie, Tina's personal assistant, in order to sabotage the other candidate. She offers her a spot on the Cheerios, thus making Dottie admit to her slight hatred towards Tina, wishing she'd graduate already.This is it, Sam's chance to be the knight in shining armor and save the day. He tells Penny to give him his vaccinations since he chickened out last time and then runs to Sue's office, begging her not to fire Penny. She says yes to keeping her around, and notices Sam's not-so-subtle crush. He tries to deny it, but gets kicked out of her office not too long after.

On the New York side, Rachel plays matchmaker for Santana and leaves her shift early. Santana and Dani are now the only two working. Dani says she loves watching the sunrise in the restaurant, and asks Santana if she'd like to join her. This transitions to a beautiful rendition of "Here Comes the Sun" and ends in front of Dani's apartment with a peck on the lips. Dantana is on, people!

The students at prom rock out to "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" as performed by Ryder, Unique, Jake, and Marley. Near the punch table, Sam makes some conversation with Penny and jokes that his need to bust a move and injure himself means that she should dance with him, just in case. Penny gladly agrees to it.

Not everything is good times at prom while Bree is around. She asks Dottie if the plan is ready to go, and we see that there's a rope and a bucket with something that needed shards of ice…it's not going to end well.

New Directions rock out at prom (Fox)
New Directions rock out at prom (Fox)
Sue announces the winners for king and queen by picking on the candidates. It's the only way she knows how. The results: for prom king it's Stoner Brett and for prom queen it's Tina! Everyone's ecstatic, especially Tina herself, who finally gets a moment to shine. Even Kitty is genuinely happy for her. So it makes me even more infuriated when a bucket full of red slushie falls onto her, leaving her completely humiliated. 

Thankfully, Tina has the best group of friends who run after her when she exits the prom. They find her in the choir room, crying because it is clear to her she will never be the girl to win the crown and have the perfect night. Blaine gives her the two options, to go home or to stay, prove everyone wrong, and be the girl she wants to be. They continue to lift her spirits by singing "Hey Jude" while getting her cleaned up and giving her a new dress (or Kitty's old one). Then they walk to the dance with their heads held high and with Tina leading the way. She gets on the stage and exclaims, "My name is Tina Cohen-Chang and I accept your crown! Long live prom!" 

After the last commercial break, Coach Roz pulls Bree into the principal's office by the ponytail and demands she be suspended. But it's Glee, where things always stay interesting. Sue finds out that Bree was behind the "Carrie"-esque situation at prom, and promotes her to captain of the Cheerios, offers to buy her a new car, and recruits her to form a part of the "Destroy New Directions" team. 

Tina joyously takes the title of Prom Queen (Fox)
Tina joyously takes the title of Prom Queen (Fox)
Good news from New York! Due to her lack of carefulness in reading contracts, Santana has a lifetime supply of Yeast-I-Stat! Okay, that's not the real good news. I'll get to it. 

Kurt now has a job at the diner, and Rachel is excited of working with her two friends in her favorite city. When they mention her bailing on the job after getting the role of Fanny Brice on Broadway, Rachel stands her ground and says that the ship for that role has sailed and she does not need validation from producers to know she is special. Coincidentally, the manager interrupts their conversation and says that someone is asking to speak with her at one of the booths. It's Mr. Campion, director of "Funny Girl", so Rachel acts calm and takes his order.

He orders a whole cake and asks to have "Congratulations, Rachel Berry. You are Fanny Brice." on top. This calls for celebration; Kurt, Rachel, Santana, and her new girlfriend Dani do just that with some champagne at their loft and sing "Let It Be." It connects back to the people in Lima, where they don pastels and floral prints, singing on stage in front of Mr. Shue. 

It's Glee done best, with heartfelt covers and a feeling of love and friendship in the air. 

In contrast, next week's episode is the most emotional to date. Titled "The Quarterback", it will be centered around the death of Finn Hudson. The episode also serves as a way for the cast, crew, and fans of the show to mourn and pay tribute to the late Cory Monteith. See the promo for it below, which features a snippet of Lea Michele's version of "Make You Feel My Love" that's sure to tug at your heartstrings.

WATCH: Preview for "The Quarterback", airing Thursday 10/10 at 8PM on Fox

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