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'Dexter' Joins Netflix. But Will Fans Watch?

Tanya Mardirossian |
October 29, 2013 | 2:30 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Dexter ready to kill (Pinterest @Rebecca Edwards)
Dexter ready to kill (Pinterest @Rebecca Edwards)
It’s time for Michael C. Hall’s most memorable role, Dexter Morgan, to bring out his green shirt and the rest of his killing gear once more. Despite disappointment surrounding the show’s most recent series finale, the serial killer is back. He’s back…for Netflix.

CBS and Netflix have sealed the deal to add Showtime’s knockout show, “Dexter”, to the Netflix database. 

“Dexter” is already available to watch instantly on a computer, iPad, or any other e-reader with a Showtime subscription. Charter on Demand also offers the show instantly and free of charge. The deal between CBS (the owner of Showtime) and Netflix now gives non-Showtime subscribers the chance to catch up with the alluring killer. The success of long time hit series is expected to be as popular on Netflix as it was during its run on Showtime. 

“Dexter” fans can go back to rewatch earlier seasons to refresh their memories, watch the entire series over from the beginning, or begin watching the series anew. 

Many fans were disappointed with the “Dexter” finale on Sept. 22nd. Revisiting the show’s beginning might be a good way to take out the disappointment and anger and replace it with memories and favorite scenes found throughout the series. 

The successful series of eight seasons will be fully available on Netflix in Jan. 2014. The first four seasons will be available by Thursday, Oct. 31st, which can make for a suspenseful Halloween viewing party.

Missed the finale? Be sure to watch it, along with the last four seasons, on Netflix in January. Watch it, pause it, play it again, and analyze. 

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