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CocoRosie At The Fonda Theatre

Elizabeth Cutbirth |
October 31, 2013 | 9:01 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

CocoRosie performs a haunting concert. (Elizabeth Cutbirth/Neon Tommy)
CocoRosie performs a haunting concert. (Elizabeth Cutbirth/Neon Tommy)

Just two days before Halloween, the crowd was hungering for CocoRosie’s performance on Tuesday night at Hollywood’s historic Fonda Theatre.

The curtains lifted to reveal a stage enveloped in amber lighting, a vanity with a fake crow, and a clothesline strung across the stage with nightgowns, dresses, an apron, and a clown shirt. The band members, a keyboardist and beat boxer, and Coco and Rosie, sisters Bianca and Sierra Casady, appeared on stage in black and white striped dresses, tousled long hair, and playful yet repulsive makeup.

CocoRosie opened the concert with haunting and ethereal vocals from songs chosen from their newly released album “Tales of a GrassWidow,” and the sisters played instruments like the harp, wooden flutes, and the keyboard. 

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Known for their “freak folk” music, CocoRosie mixes a number of different styles like opera, electronica, pop, and rap to create a distinct and unusual sound that has both captivated and repulsed audiences.  

Throughout the show, the sisters would peel off layers and change costume by taking clothing off the clothesline or an accessory from the vanity. A ragged tutu, a cut-up pink fishnet body suit, torn slouchy tees, and long witchy dresses were just a few of the costumes that were worn.

Fans also arrived prepared to immerse themselves in the disheveled and dreamy world oc CocoRosie by wearing costumes like a white lace body suit, dresses adorned with feathers, bejeweled makeup and more.

Along with their music, CocoRosie created an enchanting and ghostly atmosphere with a fog machine and a video screen that projected eerie visuals as well as live footage of their performance with effects that distorted their appearances. 

Highlights of the night included their new songs, “Tears for Animals,” “Gravedigress,” “After the Afterlife,” and “Villain,” as well as a solo performance by their beat boxer, Tez. 

The band also played popular songs “R.I.P Burn Face” and “Werewolf” from their 2010 album, “Grey Oceans.” 

The crowd’s encore brought CocoRosie back on stage to play 2 final songs, and the finale was a giant dance party where Sierra let go on stage with fun, uninhibited dancing. At the end, Bianca picked her sister up, and swung her around in her arms before saying goodbye to the crowd. 

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