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Borrowing From The Boys' Wardrobe

Rebecca Iloulian |
October 31, 2013 | 4:26 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Perfecting the Menswear Inspired Look (photo by Pinterest/Arianne McClintock)
Perfecting the Menswear Inspired Look (photo by Pinterest/Arianne McClintock)

While I must admit that simple femininity has more or less served as the basis of my style and remains one of my favorite staples à la mode, my eye has taken a recent wandering into the fashion of the boys. In the midst of an emerging oversexed pop media, where women bare next to nothing and use their "femininity" as a weapon, the mystery of such femininity and its allure has slowly begun fading away leaving it only fitting for men's fashion to take a natural step forward. 

Menswear redefines our common notions of  dressing "sexy" and how women can feel like women, reminding us that barely-there mini skirts and sheer, chiffon tops aren't the only option in empowering ourselves in fashion. There's something seductively intriguing in mixing both masculinity and femininity that makes a powerful statement, proving a women's confidence in her style and fashion choices

Indulge in mens pieces and shake up your typical wardrobe. Gentleman, watch your closets. Us ladies are about to take everything you've got from over-size shirts to tailored trousers, dress shoes and coats, flannels, jeans, blazers, galore. On women, your slouchy and relaxed silhouettes are perversely sexy without forcing us to reveal even an ounce of flesh. 

To master a menswear flair, find inspiration from the men present in your everyday life, whether that be work, your college campus or even your home. Integrating men's fashion into your wardrobe doesn't require loosing your personal style--it's simply an addition of menswear's influence into what's already there.

Suggestions? Try an over-sized, pin-stripped button down tucked into a black circle skirt. Accessorize with with a pair of sleek oxfords and a leather satchel. Another option is to pair boyfriend jeans with low-heel ankle booties, a fitted white tee and a loose blazer. Or, literally borrow from the boys and invade your man's closet for an oversized sweater or jacket. Pair it with cuffed dark wash jeans and dress shoes to complete the look. Make sure to mix slouchy pieces with more tailored pieces to avoid feeling baggy or sloppy. 

Take the plunge and accept this new menswear inspired version of sexy. Shop J.Crew, Madewell, Ralph Lauren and American Apparel, and find the menswear look that best suits you. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm about to go slip into my new navy blue Cole Haan oxfords--and I can't wait. 

Read more about menswear inspiration at Vogue.com.

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